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Marta Gadomska-Gołąb and Dr Aleksandra Kunkiel-Kryńska serving on expert council of Five Fractions Coalition to increase segregation of recyclable waste in Poland

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The Five Fractions Coalition is Poland’s first cross-sector initiative seeking a systemic solution to the problem of segregating recyclable waste into categories or “fractions” at the source. It was launched on 12 April 2018. A consistent system of practical tools and education on proper segregation of wastes into five containers combines the efforts of business, local government, NGOs and consumers. Marta Gadomska-Gołąb and Dr Aleksandra Kunkiel-Kryńska, the partners heading the Consumer Product Compliance & Life Sciences team at Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland, were invited to join the expert council for the initiative.

The Five Fractions Coalition is a joint pro-consumer campaign by a dozen firms and institutions closing the gap in education and tools for achieving environmental targets in Poland. The campaign spreads knowledge and practices for segregation, recovery and recycling of waste among consumers. The aim of the initiative is to support enterprises in introducing an innovative labeling system for packaging. Local governments responsible for organizing the system for collection of communal waste are encouraged to use the clear and consistent symbols developed by the coalition for waste containers, informational materials, and garbage trucks. Another important element of the campaign is coordination of educational initiatives on waste segregation targeted to local residents: youngsters, adults and seniors.

Manufacturers who introduce packaging onto the market, local governments segregating communal waste into five fractions, as well as businesses and NGOs seeking to educate their communities on recovery of recyclable materials, are all invited to join the project. Thanks to the initiative, they will be able to employ a carefully designed system of eco-labeling on packaging developed on the basis of a legal analysis of eco-labeling and best practice already used in the US and the UK.

The initiators of the project are Eneris Environmental Protection and CSR Consulting. In cooperation with Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland, Rekopol, Antalis Poland, Bank Zachodni WBK, Eurocash, Little Greenfinity, Servier, Skanska, UNEP/GRID Warsaw and Nasza Ziemia Foundation, for nearly a year they have developed a consistent concept for nationwide ecological action. Any entity interested in real protection of the environment can become a partner of the campaign.

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