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Eversheds Sutherland Poland advised EEC Magenta on investment in Sinterit

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EEC Magenta has announced PLN 10 million investment in Sinterit Sp. z o.o. The Krakow-based company has developed a new 3D printing technology and is selling its products in over 40 countries. The current funding will help the company to grow even faster and to solidify its position as a global additive manufacturing leader.

Additive manufacturing is a relatively new market, which changes the traditional way of prototyping and spare parts production. Remote design and short series of products and spare parts have been of growing importance in recent times. Additive manufacturing also finds application in the energy sector to produce new generations of photovoltaic cells, wind turbines and batteries. Companies such as Siemens and General Electric already use this technology to develop gas turbines. The relevant market size of the whole 3D industry is expected to reach the value of USD 550 billion by 2025.

Selective laser sintering technology developed by Sinterit has been addressing the challenges of Industry 4.0 since the company’s inception. Until recently, high prices and complexity of the production process had been a market entry barrier. Sinterit has changed that paradigm, by offering high-precision industrial grade 3D printing at a price of a consumer product.

Sinterit: complex 3D objects from a small printer

SLS technology, i.e. sintering particles of thermoplastic polymer powder in layers, enables printout of complex, three-dimensional structures in home and office environment. The process results in production of durable objects resistant to high temperatures and chemicals.

The technology used by Sinterit allows to print complex, multi-element prototypes in one production session. The high level of precision offers countless possibilities, especially in industry, that are limited only by the properties of the materials used. Unlike those manufactured by their competition, Sinterit’s devices are cost-effective, as they consume less raw material. Sinterit allows small and medium businesses to gain access to professional 3D printing, previously reserved for large enterprises. Due to its small size and simplicity of use, Sinterit products revolutionize prototyping and short series production process, which can be now done in a small office environment.

“We would like to welcome Krakow-based Sinterit to the family of EEC Magenta portfolio companies. With its breakthrough 3D printing technology, Sinterit is one of the few Polish companies that have achieved a huge international success. It has been a true pleasure to work closely with the world-class management team. Our investment in Sinterit makes an exemplary case of ‘smart money use’ as we connect the company with our industry network in Europe, Asia and the United States,” said Voytek Siewierski, General Partner at EEC Magenta and a member of the Sinterit Supervisory Board.

Sinterit intends to use the newly received funds for further product development, and for even faster expansion of its global marketing and sales.

EEC Magenta was advised by VC practice of Eversheds Sutherland Poland, including in particular Michał Karwacki, Natalia Burchardt and Anna Wesołowska.

EEC Magenta is the largest Polish CVC firm set up by EEC Ventures in partnership with PFR Ventures, NCBR (The National Centre for Research and Development) and Tauron Polska Energia within the framework of the PFR NCBR CVC program. EEC Magenta manages two venture capital funds with capitalization of PLN 210 million. EEC Magenta is focused on the financing of digitalization in the energy sector, in industry and the circular economy. The fund is managed by Rafał Małecki, Voytek Siewierski and Konrad Sitnik. The partners have been working together in Polish, European and American venture capital markets and have executed over a number of successful investments and exits.

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