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W ramach regulacji

  • We write about the legal environment for the production, sale, promotion and disposal of consumer products. 
  • We discuss the directions of changes in consumer law and their impact on business, including in the context of the "New Deal for Consumers" of the European Commission. 
  • We address regulatory issues related to the full life cycle of a product - from the sole idea through marketing, promotional activities, distribution, international trade, competition law, consumer relations, including matters related to warranty, guarantee and product liability, waste management and ending with the issues regarding the protection of the environment. 
  • We present issues related to the legal aspects of selecting a product brand and enforcing its effective protection.

Przepis na energetykę

  • We present and discuss the legal side of electricity, renewable energy, gas, heating and the mining sector.
  • We follow the legislation and comment on the activities of the Office for Energy Regulation and the Polish Office for Competition and Consumer Protection as well as the largest market players.
  • We analyze national and European jurisprudence regarding the energy sector.


  • We discuss judgments from the European Court of Justice and their influence on the interpretation of public procurement law in Poland.
  • We follow and comment on legislation in the European Union.
  • We address current issues in Polish case law.

Kodeks w pracy

  • We discuss the current labour law, legal judgments and interpretations issued by the National Labor Inspectorate and the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.
  • We follow and comment on legislation and refer to the current problems in the field of Polish labour law.