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Global employment briefing: Poland, January 2013

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Fewer formalities for commencing business activity in Poland


The obligation on a newly established employer to inform the National Labour Inspectorate and State Sanitary Inspection, within 30 days of commencing business,  about the place, type and scope of the activity it conducts, was repealed from the Labour Code on 17 January 2013.



Retirement age


From this year, retirement age in Poland will gradually increase for both men and women. The age limit will increase to 67 in 2020 for men and in 2040 for women. This amendment affects men born after 31 December 1947 and women born after 31 December 1952. During the transition period, the pre-retirement protection age (currently four years prior to retirement), can be extended to up to 16 months in certain circumstances.



Working time


Amendments to Section 6 of the Labour Code, which regulates working time, are  being proposed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and are currently under consultation. The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy hopes that its suggested amendments will be approved  in the Spring.



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