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It’s not clear which documents certifying no conviction record UK companies should provide when applying for tenders in Poland

  • Poland
  • Public procurement


In theory, public procurement procedures across the EU should be similar. Yet, the reality shows that there are many details resulting from local legal systems and business culture that may significantly change the practical application of the regulations. The Certificate of Absence of Conviction that needs to be presented by UK companies in Polish tenders is an excellent example.
In most Polish public procurement projects, bidders are required to confirm they had not been the subject of a court conviction for corruption or fraud. This requirement applies to both legal entities and individuals, including company directors and any person having powers of representation or decision-making in respect to bidder.
Pursuant to the EU directive, the bidder should provide an extract from the "judicial record" or of an equivalent document issued by a competent authority in the country of origin. If that country does not issue such certificates, or, if these certificates do not cover all the cases specified in the directive, they may be replaced by a declaration on oath or by a solemn declaration made before a notary or other authorities.

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Source: Tomasz Zalewski, Why Emerging Europe, 17.12.2014