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Turning the page: Proposed changes to Sunday work rules already stirring the pot

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When I was asked to be a contributing writer for the new WBJ Observer, I knew it was time to end my writing hiatus. Hopefully you, dear readers, will enjoy the return of something old. My column that is. Not me.

I’m looking forward to 2014 if only because it has to be better than last year. Although I’m not superstitious, 2013 did its best to convince me of the ill influence of the number 13. The early proclamations of an economic turnaround in Poland in 2013 never quite materialized. Last year’s legislation was a mixed bag. And, to top it all off, several of my major appliances decided to give up the ghost in the last days of December. Enough about the year that was. In the spirit of in-with-the-new, businesses should keep their eyes on several legal developments in the offing for 2014.

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Źródło: Judith Gliniecki, WBJ Observer, February 2014

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