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Immigration law

Our team provides comprehensive advice on immigration law. We enhance the legal security of doing business by selecting and implementing tailored solutions for work and residence of foreigners. Using many years of experience, practical knowledge of the proceedings, immigration law and the administrative law system, we provide customized and safe solutions for manpower immigration and global mobility.

Our services:

  • legal advice related to the employment of foreign nationals
  • due diligence on the legality of employment of foreigners in terms of compliance with the applicable law
  • advice on the process of legalizing stay and work of foreigners - already employed or to be hired (including large volumes of cases)
  • obtaining visas, including in countries with a high visa refusal rate
  • posting of foreigners from non-EU countries to Poland
  • posting of foreigners from EU countries to Poland
  • transfer of an employee/foreigner between branches of a company
  • advising on employee mobility
  • representation before administrative authorities of both instances, offices, voivodes, Head of the Office for Foreigners, Border Guard, PIP (The National Labour Inspectorate)
  • representation before the Voivodship Administrative Court (WSA) and the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA) in immigration matters.
We have successfully led and carried out residence permits and work permits cases with high level of factual and legal complexity for foreign nationals - employees of our clients.

Ewa Łachowska-Brol

  • Managing Partner
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