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Please find below a list of events across Eversheds International.

  • Cross border working - international remote working and international assignments

    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic remote working has become far more wide spread. In the past when employees worked in another jurisdiction it was usually as part of an international assignment initiated by the employer.
  • Diversity and inclusion conference - intergenerational fairness

    Intergenerational fairness has increasingly become a focus area for employers with the pandemic highlighting perceived inequalities and the need to address generational issues in employment strategies.
  • Dutch employment law training

    Employee rights are well protected under Dutch law, especially in dismissal cases, but employers are able to swiftly adjust staff levels in their company due to changes in, for example a fluctuation in workload. A wide variety of options are available for employers to hire people in a flexible manner provided that the rules are used properly.
  • Education Webinar - Company law refresher for education institutions

    In this webinar we will look at :
  • Education Webinar - Pensions education sector annual conference 2022

    Following the success of our virtual 2020 and 2021 pensions education sector conferences, We are delighted to invite you to this year’s pensions education sector conference. As the online format of last year’s conference was very popular, this year’s conference will again be an online event.
  • Education Webinar - Subsidiary companies – legal considerations

    There are a number of reasons for an education institution establishing a subsidiary company – for trading purposes, brand protection, to enable alternative pension arrangements etc. This session is primarily aimed at education institutions considering establishing a subsidiary company, but will also be a useful refresher to those already operating a subsidiary company as to some of the legal issues to be mindful of.
  • Education Webinar - The student route - what do you need to know and how do you remain compliant?

    The replacement of the Tier 4 immigration route with the new Student and Child Student routes has introduced fundamental changes to the recruitment of non-British and Irish students.
  • Employment litigation webinar - Social media and group actions

    In this webinar, we will cover: The potential impact group actions can have on businesses; the impact that social media has had, and continues to have, on group actions; and steps employers can take to protect their business interests.
  • European HR - managing multi-jurisdictional projects

    Managing teams of people is challenging at the best of times. Working across European borders in multiple jurisdictions is even more difficult due to cultural and legal differences. Heavily regulated employment law regimes that differ significantly in their approach can also pose additional challenges, particularly in light of the COVID-19 crisis and the severe impact it is having on economies across the globe.
  • French employment law training

    Based on the Napoleonic code and amended by statute ever since, French employment law is markedly different from the UK’s.
  • German employment law training

    Germany is a major trading partner for many countries throughout the world, not to mention the most important single market in the European Union.
  • Global Tech Week London - 18 January 2023

    Join us for our Global Tech Week UK event, taking place in our London office on Wednesday 18 January 2023.
  • Incident management and investigation fundamentals

    Eversheds Sutherland and the Women in Health and Safety network is holding a joint event on incident management and investigation fundamentals. As well as being an opportunity to share our learnings on this issue, the event also forms a get together for the network in advance of the Christmas break and an opportunity to network with others in the health and safety profession. If you are not a member of this free network, which has over 3000 members, you can sign up as part of registering for this event.
  • Ireland & Northern Ireland employment law - key differences with Great Britain

    The Irish and UK legal systems have many similarities. However in an employment law context those similarities can be deceptive. In addition, the fact that employment law in Northern Ireland is a devolved matter means that there are, in reality, three different employment law jurisdictions across the UK and Ireland, namely Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland.
  • Italian employment law training

    Italy probably has the most complex employment law in Europe. Did you know that in Italy: there are more than 400 national collective agreements in force; four different categories of employees, all subject to specific (and different) rules and regulations; and that unfair dismissal claims can, and do, result in compulsory reinstatement and awards of more than 40 months of salary?
  • Pensions Conference 2022

    Following two years of shorter, online conferences, we are returning to something more similar to our traditional Pensions Conference format, but still free of charge.
  • PMI Award in Pension Trusteeship training course

    The Pensions Management Institute’s Award in Pension Trusteeship (PMI APT), also known as Unit 1 of the Level 3 Certificate in Pension Trusteeship, is a longstanding industry qualification. Anyone wanting to become accredited as a professional trustee via either the PMI or the Association of Professional Pension Trustees route must now pass the PMI APT exam. Accreditation is fast becoming the norm.
  • ROPE Theory: Rest, Observation, Planning and Empowerment

    The ROPE model was launched in the November 2022 IOSH magazine. Co-author Sarah Valentine will introduce the theory in more detail during the session.
  • Swiss employment law training

    Switzerland is chosen by many multinational companies as a base for their European or global cross-border business activities, largely because of its advantageous investment climate. Swiss employment law is known as being more liberal than other adjacent jurisdictions. While the fundamental principle of contractual freedom is predominant, it is still important to understand the statutory minimal standard and the social protection mechanisms provided by Swiss law.
  • UK employment law training

    The United Kingdom (UK) comprises the whole of the island of Great Britain (GB) - containing England, Wales and Scotland - plus Northern Ireland. However, technically, “UK employment law” is a misnomer.
  • United Arab Emirates - mandatory changes to federal labour law

    The New Labour Law (33/2021) and its Implementing Regulations (together the “New Laws”) apply to all private sector employers in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) with the exception of employers within the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) and Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”) financial centre free zones. The New Laws represent the biggest change in the employment law landscape in the UAE for 40 years.
  • US employment law training

    The United States is a complex marketplace and employment rules vary significantly across the states. Our training course is led by a US lawyer with over 30 years’ experience advising companies ranging from large multinationals to small start-up enterprises.