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Antitrust and competition law

The concept of a free market can lead to various conflicts of interests.

On the one hand there are business entities striving to gain advantage over their competitors as well as retaining their place in the distribution chain by providing the most innovative work products to their customers. On the other hand any kind of distortion or restriction of competition by means of unlawful agreements, concerted practices between undertakings - i.e. other competitors or distributors – as well as abuse of dominant positions must be inhibited.

State supports and promotions may be impermissible, if they distort the functioning of the market.

We represent corporations before courts and competition authorities in complex matters regarding competition law. We provide proper counsel when dealing with business mergers by making sure that the entire process is conducted in accordance with cartel and competition laws. Further, we represent clients in the context of merger control.

Moreover, we support and promote undertakings regarding distribution issues.

We see it as our duty to help forestall anti-competitive behaviours on all company levels. Therefore, it is imperative to implement efficient compliance regulations as well as organize frequent compliance training courses.

We not only advise undertakings in dominant positions regarding their increased obligations, which result from their impact on the market, but also smaller businesses, which are confronted with illegal acts by dominant undertakings.

Through continuous guidance we assist entities in defending their advantage by legitimate means and by proceeding against infringements.

Our counsel related to competition law matters also comprises all aspects of fair commercial practices. We advise on misleading advertising, misuses of signs, industrial espionage, counterfeiting and other anti-competitive practices in order to protect our clients against exploitation of their innovations and reputation by unfair competitors.

As part of our international network we can deliver our services in the most efficient way, even if other jurisdictions or EU-authorities are involved.