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Family and inheritance law

You will not see Eversheds Sutherland' names in the media when it comes to famous divorces or family disputes. We pride ourselves on a quick and discrete service to our clients when it comes to these matters. We put our clients confidentiality as our foremost priority.

Prudent and timely counselling when formulating and making last wills and testaments, as well as the settling of questions of succession in time, is a key factor in order to avoid conflicts between heirs, and to avoid unnecessarily high tax burdens at the accrual of the estate.

Eversheds Sutherland draws up and deposits testaments and codicils. We advise on the arrangement of succession in enterprises and search for the tax optimal route for our clients.

Once the accrual of the estate has taken place, we handle the proceedings on behalf of heirs quickly, efficiently and so far as possible, without long meetings with a notary or before the courts.