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Intellectual property law in Belgium

Intellectual Property Law in Belgium

During the last decades our economy has become significantly knowledge based and driven. Intellectual property (IP) and knowhow are more than ever valuable assets, giving companies a market edge and protection from competitors. However, at the same time, this defensive mechanism traditionally adopted by companies has been challenged by the growing need for open innovation. As a result of the rise of technological complexity, research and development (R&D) indeed now often requires setting up collaborations between companies, universities and/or research institutions.

Eversheds Brussels has established a vast expertise in various fields of intellectual property rights (IPRs) (including patents (and supplementary protection certificates (SPCs)), trademarks, designs, plant breeders rights, copyrights, protection of databases and software), knowhow protection and transfer of technology.

We assist clients in both litigation and advisory types of work and act for them in cases across a wide range of sectors, including the chemical, agricultural, aerospace, industrial engineering, automotive, food and cosmetic industries.

We have also extensive experience in assisting companies active in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industries concerning IP and regulatory issues. We acted on many important patent/SPC infringement/invalidity cases for Life Sciences clients.

We also regularly assist clients in IP transactional matters, such as licensing and manufacturing of medicines and medical devices and product and business acquisitions and disposals (including the transfer of marketing authorisations and brands).

Intellectual Property areas

Advertising, sponsorship and marketing




IP litigation

Knowhow protection

Life Sciences IP

Life Sciences IP litigation

Software protection

Trademarks and branding

Patents and SPCs

Plant breeders rights

Intellectual Property Law Experience

  • Assisting a pharmaceutical company in several patent/SPC infringement/invalidity litigation cases
  • Assisting an innovative manufacturer of recycled materials in patent infringement court proceedings concerning plastic grids in gardening and landscaping
  • Assisting a well-known bathroom design manufacturer in design infringement court proceedings concerning showerheads
  • Assisting a University Medical Center in court proceedings concerning the ownership rights on an employee invention covering a medical device
  • Assisting a pharmaceutical company in court proceedings against a parallel importer of medicines
  • Assisting plant breeders companies in negotiating and drafting IP & knowhow agreements (e.g. R&D, licensing and consortium agreements)
  • Assisting a client with negotiating and drafting agreements concerning official equipment and merchandising of official sporting teams
  • Assisting different companies in the life sciences sector with negotiating and drafting licensing and manufacturing agreements for medicines and medical devices