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Litigation & Dispute Management in Belgium

"Disputes are an inevitable consequence of business activity. Badly managed they can destroy valuable business relationships, occupy busy management resources, and cost a great deal of money. Organisations that proactively manage their disputes not only minimise these dangers but can also demonstrate a positive contribution to profitability.

Our 'Early Case Assessment' approach to dispute management covers all commercial and corporate relationships. It is based on a cost/benefit analysis carried out with clients at a very early stage of the dispute that will enable us to determine its best practical outcome. We identify the steps that are needed to achieve this, which authority should hear the case, and how much it will cost, leading us to litigation or arbitration and other dispute resolution alternatives."

Koen Devos - head of litigation and dispute resolution

Our expertise covers national and cross border disputes through:


Some disputes cannot be resolved through dispute resolution and national court proceedings will then become inevitable.

Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in both bringing and defending claims on behalf of clients, before Belgian courts, in all areas of business law.

Arbitration and other dispute resolution alternatives

Increasingly companies choose to solve disputes through alternative dispute resolution. Arbitration, particularly, is often perceived as offering many benefits, but the procedure must be managed in a way that ensures its cost and length are kept under control.

Our national and international litigation experts have the expertise and experience to help private companies and governments reach a favourable outcome to the dispute they face through the following alternatives:

  • Arbitration
  • Transaction
  • Mediation