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Eversheds Attorneys Ltd. takes part in Tukikummit Foundation's fund raising

  • Finland


    In Finland, 65 000 youths are every year at risk of social exclusion due to the financial situation of their families. The Tukikummit Foundation has since 2007 raised funds for young people who are under threat of being being excluded from hobbies and left out from their friend groups. Most of the contributions are channelled to supporting hobbies. Acquiring the study materials needed for upper secondary education is also supported.

    The Foundation operates on volunteer basis and at zero cost. Thus, every donated euro received is used for the specific purpose for which it was donated. The funds are channelled in full to the recipients through the diaconal fund of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. The recipients of support are not required to belong to any religious community. Support is only granted for needs and expenses for which social support is not available and which could not and cannot be otherwise covered. Eversheds Attorneys Ltd. has taken part in Tukikummit Foundation's fund raising for several years and is taking part this Christmas as well. Read more about Tukikummit Foundation's operations at: (in Finnish)


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