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We acted as advisor to the shareholders of SKM Service Oy in a share transaction, March 2021

We advised the shareholders of the industrial services provider SKM Service Oy in a share transaction where all shares of SKM Service Oy were sold to Bravida Finland Oy. The transaction supports Bravida’s growth strategy in Finland.

SKM Service Oy’s main strengths lie in various industrial piping projects and the related products and services. The company’s customer base is mainly located in Finland and Sweden. Bravida Finland Oy is a leading provider of comprehensive building services engineering solutions in the Nordics. It offers, among others, expert services and comprehensive solutions in the areas of electricity, heating and plumbing, ventilation, cooling, sprinklers, security and fire safety systems, and technical facilities management. It operates in around 170 regions in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. This is Bravida’s eight corporate acquisition in Finland.

We advised Kamrock in a share transaction, November 2020

We acted as legal advisor to Kamrock Oy and its shareholders when the private equity investor Juuri Partners Oy invested in the company with a 35 percent stake. The founding shareholders will remain significant shareholders in Kamrock even after the transaction.

Kamrock Oy was founded in 2016 and focuses especially on serving the mining and construction industry as well as infrastructure construction. The company has grown strongly throughout its entire existence. Juuri Partners’ investment in Kamrock helps it to further develop its operations and processes, and the company will be looking for growth not only in Finland but also in other Nordic countries.

We represented Elcoline Oy in an asset deal, October 2020

We represented Elcoline Oy in an asset sale and purchase in which Caverion sold a significant portfolio containing its maintenance operations to Elcoline Oy. The operations acquired by Elcoline Oy formed part of the Finnish operations of Caverion Industria Ltd. The transaction was announced on 26 June 2020.

The transfer covers total outsourcing agreements in industrial services mainly with customers in the chemical and energy industries. The sale also includes Caverion’s marine industry unit and industrial maintenance service centres in Turku, Pori, Rauma and Oulu. The transaction value will not be disclosed.

The transaction was exceptional since it constituted Caverion’s divestment of part of the Finnish turnover of its Industry operations which had been required in the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s decision concerning Caverion’s earlier Maintpartner transaction. The Competition and Consumer Authority’s final confirmation is still needed for the fulfilment of the conditions set out in the decision.

Elcoline Oy is a Finnish, internationally operating provider of industrial maintenance services established in 2002. Elcoline Group employs approx. 500 contracting and maintenance professionals at contract sites all over the world.

Caverion Corporation is a Finnish listed company which designs, implements and maintains building technology and industrial services. Caverion serves customers in 11 countries in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, employing over 16,000 professionals. The turnover was approximately EUR 2.1 million in 2019. Caverion is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

We advised Flowplus Oy in an asset deal, October 2020

We advised Flowplus Oy in an asset deal whereby Flowplus acquired Quant Finland Oy’s maintenance centre in Rauma specialised in the maintenance of electric motors. With the acquisition, Flowplus Oy strengthens its positions in industrial electric motor maintenance.

According to Flowplus Oy, the asset deal provides a good opportunity to start developing machinery maintenance in western Finland. The deal is to enter into force on 1 October 2020. The business arrangement will not affect the status of the personnel, and co-operation with Quant Finland Oy’s partners will continue as previously even after the transaction.

We advised Sauplast Oy as it acquired the shares of SeaPack Oy, July 2020

We acted as legal advisor for Sauplast Oy in a transaction in which it acquired all the shares of SeaPack Oy.

The agreement concerning the transaction was made in 2017 when Sauplast acquired a part of SeaPack’s shares. The rest of the shares were acquired in July 2020, after which the sale was made public. As part of the arrangement, Sauplast also acquired SeaPack's factory real estate. We advised Sauplast in this transaction as well.

Sauplast Oy is a Finnish family enterprise offering advanced packaging solutions, plastic bags, sacks and hoods as well as plastic films. The products are suitable for very different kinds of uses, and the company makes printed and biodegradable versions of almost all products to order. After the transaction, Sauplast has factories in Siikainen, Kokemäki and Merikarvia. The company’s turnover increases to over EUR 10 million with the transaction.

We acted as advisor to Sdiptech AB (publ) when it acquired all shares of Oy Hilltip Ab, June 2020

We acted as advisor to the Swedish listed company Sdiptech AB when it acquired all shares of Oy Hilltip Ab. Hilltip is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of road maintenance equipment. Hilltip is the technology group's first Finnish company.

The focus on environmentally friendly and safe transportation is growing and the problems with weather changes are increasing. Hilltip is a leading European supplier of road maintenance products offering equipment for all seasons. The acquisition of Hilltip fits well into Sdiptech's strategic focus on operations and products that contribute to creating more sustainable, efficient and secure societies.

We represented Jomaster Oy when it sold its shares in Jouka Oy, February 2020

We represented Jomaster Oy when it sold all of its shares in Jouka Oy to Indutrade Oy. The purchase price has not been published.

Indutrade Oy is part of a Swedish international technology and industry group including around 200 companies. The Indutrade Group sells high-tech products and systems for industrial enterprises and helps customers improve their products and streamline their production processes.

Jouka Oy is a Finnish company established in 1957 which designs and manufactures ball valves with a high degree of customisation. The company’s customers include enterprises operating in the marine, paper and pulp industries. Jouka’s strengths include a highly flexible manufacture process, taking into consideration customer-specific R&D as well as competitive delivery times.

For more information, see Indutrade’s stock exchange release.

We advised Enersense International Oyj in a corporate transaction, October 2018

Eversheds Sutherland acted as the Buyer’s adviser in a corporate transaction where Enersense International Oyj acquired the entire share capital of a company by the name of Värväämö Oy. Värväämö Oy’s entire share capital was transferred to Enersense International Oyj on 31 October 2018. The Sellers in the corporate transaction were nine Finnish private individuals. Värväämö Oy’s key personnel continue in the Company’s employ in accordance with the terms of the transaction.

The present transaction supports Enersense International’s growth strategy and the Company’s Resources business unit is rapidly expanding its client base and market areas in Finland, especially in the construction industry. Värväämö currently has offices in Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere and Turku. The acquired Company’s business activities will continue under the Värväämö brand.

We advised Suomen Lämpöpuu Oy in a corporate transaction, August 2017

Eversheds advised Suomen Lämpöpuu Oy’s shareholders in a corporate transaction in which the Estonian Ha Serv Oü acquired a majority of the shares of Suomen Lämpöpuu Oy (SLP).

The transaction was effected through share exchange, and Suomen Lämpöpuu Oy simultaneously became Ha Serv Oü’s subsidiary. The transaction boosts SLP’s growth and paves the way for new innovations. In the future, SLP will be able to offer a larger selection of products and larger capacity. The combined turnover of SLP and Ha Serv is almost EUR 30 million.

Suomen Lämpöpuu Oy is one of the world’s leading producers of thermo-treated wood products. The company’s main product groups are exterior cladding and terrace construction. Over 90 % of the company’s production is exported. 

Ha Serv OÜ is a wood processing company whose main product groups are planed timber, finished saunas and thermo-treated wood. The majority of Ha Serv’s products are exported to Europe and the Middle East.

Eversheds acted as legal advisor for Betset Group Oy and Betset Oy in the acquisition of Mikkelin Betoni Group, November 2016

We acted as legal advisor for Betset Group Ltd. and Betset Oy as the companies acquired Mikkelin Betoni Group. The acquisition agreement was signed on 21.11.2016 and concerns entire share capital of the group.

With the acquisition Betset-Group, formed by Betset Group Oy and Betset Oy, is one of Finland's largest concrete ready components and ready-mix concrete manufacturers. The aggregate annual turnover in Finland is about 80 MEUR and companies employ about 485 people.

The transaction is one of the most significant arrangements in the industry during the last ten years.

Eversheds represented Nanso Group in the sale of its business in Nokia, July 2016

Eversheds advised Nanso Group as it sold the business of its factory in Nokia to Nokian Neulomo. Nanso Group’s whole manufacturing personnel in Nokia, 85 people, were transferred to Nokian Neulomo in the transaction, and operation continues in the same premises. Close production-related co-operation was also agreed on in connection with the transaction.

Eversheds represented the buyer in the acquisition of Mats Karlsson AB

Eversheds advised the buyer Bang & Bonsomer Group Oy in the acquisition of the shares of Mats Karlsson AB and its subsidiaries Unicolor AB and Normatch AS. The buyer Bang & Bonsomer is a leading Finnish supplier of raw materials and additives used in different industries, operating also in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The acquisition secures Bang & Bonsomer’s foothold in the field. The personnel of Unicolor and Normatch will continue as employees of the new owner.

Eversheds represented the owners of HR4 Group Ltd. in the sale of the company to Accountor Group

Eversheds represented the owners of HR4 Group Ltd. as they sold the company and its subsidiaries to the financial and HR services group Accountor.

Established in 2005 and owned by entrepreneurs, HR4 Group is a high-growth company providing HR management-related survey, consultancy and outsourcing services to enterprises of all sizes. HR4 is the market leader in the field of HR management services in Finland. Its projected turnover for the year 2015 is approximately EUR 9.5 million, and it employs nearly 100 people. HR4 Group continues as an independent company within the Accountor Group.

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