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Eversheds Public Sector Services

Work in the rapidly evolving field of public sector law calls for the latest expertise. Outsourcing of local government services with associated special arrangements for procurement, bargaining and guidance are a topical example of this progress, with public entities increasingly depending on arrangements of a hybrid or entirely private law character. Aspects of environmental law present a challenge to both the public and private sectors.

Eversheds combines a grasp of conventional business and administrative law with expertise in emerging fields such as the law of public procurement. Public sector restructuring also leads to challenging reorganisations in employment, and our specialists in this field are often called upon to share their expertise by lecturing at public sector training events.

We provide a wide range of specialist services to the public sector in such fields as;

• administrative law,

• labour law in the public sector,

• dispute resolution,

• public sector restructuring,

• competition law,

• public procurement,

• environmental law, and

• tax law