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Intellectual Property Rights, Media and IT Law

We are a leading law firm specialising in intellectual property and information technology, with services covering all fields of IPR and ICT law, including trademarks, registered designs, domain names, patents, utility models, copyright, software, and IPR protection services. With decades of experience we cover the entire service range, from identifying, acquiring and registering intellectual property rights to commercialising, protecting and defending these rights. Our clients include both major Finnish and foreign corporations and individual entrepreneurs.

Our subsidiary Heinonen & Co completes our comprehensive range of IPR services with global operations to protect trademarks, design rights and domain names. Heinonen & Co administers over 20,000 trademark, design and domain name registrations.

Our specialists are highly experienced in contracts, litigation, arbitration and business restructuring. We advise clients in a wide range of assignments, including outsourcing of ICT and business processes, equity investment, technology, licensing and franchising agreements, customs applications and seizures, product counterfeiting and parallel importing, social media issues, data protection and data security. Our specialists also ensure effective protection of client business secrets, know-how and other intellectual capital against unfair business practices and imitation.

Data protection

Data protection laws, and increasing regulatory and commercial pressure on the use of information, are vital issues that impact on virtually every organisation. Those that work in or with the public sector also have to grabble with the increasing complexity and burden of freedom of information laws.
We understand both the law and the way it is applied by regulators, offering a pragmatic and seamless approach across international boundaries. Our vast experience has given us an understanding not just of the law, but also of the way in which to approach compliance tasks. We develop insightful solutions that make sense for your business and with brand reputation and legal liability at stake, allow you to benchmark acceptable risk.

Our pragmatic and commercially aware support on the full range of issues includes advice on:
•    the mechanisms to deal with the transfer of personal data from Europe
•    how to practically implement ethical reporting hotlines and staff monitoring tools, email and internet use, on a cross jurisdictional basis.
•    how to address the data privacy issues arising from shared service/global IT platform programmes.
•    how to comply with the new "cookies" rules.
•    the data protection aspects of acquisitions and disposals, joint ventures and other major transactions.
•    the application of freedom of information exemptions in response to access requests.
•    freedom of information appeals and tribunal.
•    records retention.
•    handling complaints and requests from individuals and regulatory bodies, and providing guidance in the face of investigations and prosecution.
•    web based processing of data including use of online behavioural, advertising, cookies and other tools.
•    data compliance in the world of cloud computing.
•    reporting data security breaches.
•    notifications and permits or approvals of processing activities with the relevant regulatory authorities.
•    appropriate wording for contracts with employees, customers and suppliers.
•    training on data protection.
•    health case data protection (incl. patient legislation)
•    data protection of research

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