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Real estate, construction, environment

  • We are strongly focused on real estate and construction matters.
  • Our real estate advises our clients in matters involving real estate, construction and environment.
  • Our clientele consists of major players in the real estate sector – a testimony to our uncompromising approach and prominent expertise.
  • We are known for our extensive and in-depth experience in real estate matters and of our solution-oriented approach.
  • Our real estate, construction and environmental law specialists advise client in all legal transactions involving real estate and associated business operations.

We cover the entire service range as follows:

  • Transactions

We represent Finnish and foreign clients in all types of transactions, from complex structuring and portfolio transactions to sales and leases of individual properties. We assist in ventures calling for a thorough grasp of the real estate business and a solution-oriented approach, such as establishing real estate funds and administering legal aspects of their life cycle.

  • Construction

Our specialists are very highly experienced in administering construction project contracts from the perspective of a buyer, contractor or consultant. Beyond legal services, our experience also covers the practicalities of working in buyer, contractor and developer organisations. In addition to drafting contracts, our specialists have successfully administered some highly demanding and extensive civil claims arising from construction contracts.

  • Housing corporations and transactions and claims concerning residential properties

We are a leading specialist in Finnish housing corporation law, and we also serve private individuals in all transactions involving real estate. We are proud to claim being a market leader.

  • Environment

We assist in drafting contracts on land use and construction, such as land use and planning agreements, joint real estate development arrangements and shared occupancy agreements, and in conducting planning amendments and appeals. We also provide support in transactions concerning environmental permits, protection of the natural and built environment, and environmental liabilities.

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