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"Best Lawyers in Germany 2021”: Best Lawyers/Handelsblatt recommends 58 lawyers from Eversheds Sutherland

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    In the 13th edition of its “Best Lawyers” ranking, the renowned US publisher Best Lawyers®, in cooperation with Handelsblatt, has once again recommended numerous lawyers from Eversheds Sutherland: 47 colleagues from the four offices in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Munich are among the “Best Lawyers in Germany 2021” due to their outstanding reputation in the market. In addition, eleven talented lawyers were included in the selection of the “Lawyers of the Future” researched for the first time this year by Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers and ranked as “Ones to Watch” due to their exceptional reputation. In total, recommendations were made in 20 different legal areas.

    Furthermore, Dr. Lutz Schreiber was named “Lawyer of the Year” in the category of data protection law.

    Dr. Lutz Schreiber (Hamburg) is a partner in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice and specializes in data protection and IT law. In addition to structuring international data flows, implementing IT compliance projects and negotiating data protection-related contracts of all kinds, he advises in particular on legal issues relating to digitalization and complex IT projects. Other areas of advice include cloud projects, outsourcing projects and software licensing law. He is also regularly involved in technology transactions and IT law disputes.

    Best Lawyers® is one of the most renowned international legal directories. The annual list of recommended lawyers, researched exclusively for Handelsblatt, is based on a comprehensive survey among lawyers as to which peers they can particularly recommend. You can find the complete results here.

    The following Eversheds Sutherland colleagues are among the top legal advisors in their areas:

    Frank Achilles – Munich – Labor and Employment Law

    Martin Bechtold – Munich – Competition / Antitrust Law

    Dr. Werner Brickwedde – Dusseldorf – M&A

    Carsten Brüninghaus – Berlin – Corporate Law

    Anthony Cross – Munich – M&A

    Dr. Stefan Diemer – Munich – Tax Law

    Stephen Dunkhorst – Munich – Labor and Employment Law

    Carsten Eichler – Munich – Construction Law

    Marco Ferme – Munich – Labor and Employment Law

    Dr. Maximilian Findeisen – Dusseldorf – Corporate Law, M&A

    Dr. Frederik Foitzik – Munich – Litigation

    Dr. Thomas Freund – Munich – Banking and Finance Law

    Dr. Johannes Grooterhorst – Dusseldorf – Real Estate Law

    Dr. Janis Heiliger – Dusseldorf – Construction Law

    Dr. Matthias Heisse – Munich – Corporate Law, M&A, Private Equity

    Holger Holle – Munich – Corporate Law

    Dr. Alexander Honrath – Munich – Banking and Finance Law

    Dr. Steffen Jung – Munich – Construction Law

    Dr. Rolf Kowanz – Hamburg – Labor and Employment Law

    Dr. Stefan Kursawe – Munich – Labor and Employment Law

    Christof Lamberts – Munich – M&A

    Dr. Oliver Maaß – Munich – Corporate Law

    Dr. Nicolas Mähner – Munich – Real Estate Law

    Dr. Christian Mense – Munich – Corporate Law, M&A

    Dr. Gerhard Molt – Munich – Construction Law

    Dr. Dirk Monheim – Munich – Labor and Employment Law

    Dr. Alexander Niethammer – Munich – Data Security and Privacy Law, IT Law

    Bernd Pirpamer – Munich – Labor and Employment Law

    Dr. Michael Prüßner – Munich – M&A

    Cornelia Pusch – Munich – Labor and Employment Law

    Dr. David Rieks – Hamburg – Litigation

    Dr. Anne Deike Riewe – Munich – Restructuring and Insolvency Law

    Dr. Christophe Samson – Munich – M&A

    Dr. Daniel Scheerer – Munich – Labor and Employment Law

    Dr. Stefan Schramm – Hamburg – Real Estate Law

    Dr. Lutz Schreiber – Hamburg – Data Security and Privacy Law, IT Law, Outsourcing, Technology Law and “Lawyer of the Year“ for Data Security and Privacy Law

    Marc Schwencke – Dusseldorf – Real Estate Law

    Sven Schweneke – Munich – Corporate Law

    Dr. Nina Springer – Hamburg – Labor and Employment Law

    Martina Sradj – Munich – Real Estate Law

    Fabian Volz – Munich – Product Liability

    Daniel von Brevern – Dusseldorf – Competition / Antitrust Law

    Dr. Stephan von Marschall – Hamburg – Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

    Alexandra Watzlawek – Munich – Litigation

    Dr. Stephan Weiß – Munich – Labor and Employment Law

    Dr. Christine Wilhelm – Munich – Labor and Employment Law

    Axel Zimmermann – Munich – Media Law

    Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers has recommended the following lawyers as “Ones to Watch”:

    Matthias Beckmann – Dusseldorf – Tax Law

    Dr. Philipp Büsch – Dusseldorf – Energy Law, Regulatory

    Jennifer Hock – Munich – Banking and Finance Law

    Annekathrin Hoffmann – Munich – Construction Law

    Magdalena Kotyrba-Hagenmaier – Munich – Intellectual Property Law

    Philip Kühn – Hamburg – IT Law

    Dr. Adrian Löser – Berlin – Labor and Employment Law

    Dr. Christian Lindner – Munich – M&A

    Natalie Schirmer – Munich – Labor and Employment Law

    Dr. Andrew Stanka – Munich – Real Estate Law

    Gunnar Witte – Munich – Arbitration and Mediation

    This information is for guidance purposes only and should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice. Please refer to the full terms and conditions on our website.

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