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White collar crime

The prosecution of white collar crime is increasingly becoming the focus of authorities and the public. Both public prosecutors and regulatory authorities as well as shareholders, journalists and civil society groups are ever more striving to bring companies and their decision-makers to justice in case of suspected unlawful and unethical behaviour.

Companies across all sizes, industries and jurisdictions may be accused of a behaviour which violates criminal or regulatory law. Accusations may include typical white collar crimes such as tax evasion, fraud and corruption, offences under labour and employment law such as the non-payment of social security contributions or violations of health and safety requirements or accusations outside the Criminal Code such as violations of requirements under foreign trade and environmental criminal law.

If companies and their decision-makers become the target of investigators or regulatory authorities, a quick and comprehensive clarification of the facts as well as pragmatic and solution-oriented legal advice which at the same time safeguards economic interests are decisive.

An insufficient or delayed response to accusations may lead to considerable economic and reputational damage and, at worst, put the existence of the company and the executives concerned at risk.

Your team for white collar crime

Whether your company is accused or otherwise affected, we represent you in national and international criminal proceedings and proceedings for the imposition of administrative fines, in preliminary investigation proceedings and before the courts. We support companies with respect to investigation measures such as dawn raids by the public prosecutor's office as well as by finance, customs and supervisory authorities. A particular strength of our team is in the area of cross-border investigations and proceedings. Due to our global reach, we are able to set up global expert and cross-border teams within a very short time in order to deliver the best possible support.

In addition, we regularly defend executives and employees against accusations under corporate crime in preliminary investigation proceedings, regulatory proceedings, before the criminal courts as well as before parliamentary inquiry committees.

Our expertise

  • Industrial companies within the frame¬work of several legal proceedings regarding industrial espionage by a former cooperation partner
  • US group in preliminary investigation proceedings in connection with possi¬ble incidents of corruption in the supply chain
  • Defending the CEO of a US company against the accusation of German foreign trade law violations
  • Representing various companies in connection with the clarification and recovery of assets in CEO fraud cases
  • Representing a company from the entertainment industry as a joint plaintiff in proceedings regarding computer fraud and betrayal of business secrets
  • Criminal law advice to a company in connection with tax compliance issues regarding a Russian subsidiary
  • Defending a food manufacturer against a seizure order due to accusations of unauthorised advertis-ing pursuant to the Health Claims Regulation


  • Top law firm for white collar crime - WirtschaftsWoche 2021
  • Top lawyer for white collar crime - WirtschaftsWoche 2021 (Dr. David Rieks)