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Our experienced copyight law team

Copyright law in Germany

Who is the author of a creation? This is a frequently asked question, as there is no public register under German copyright law which would show the authorship of a particular creation. The constant development of digital technologies, software, social media or the area of e-commerce with its steadily increasing sales figures present authors and users with new challenges. Therefore, the question regarding the author of a creation often not only relates to copyright law but also to one of the various legal fields which concern the type of creation: e.g. music law, film law, publishing law or press law. To verify copyright owners, diligent research and care as well as an eye for the connections between copyright law and related areas of law are therefore always vital.

Legal advice on copyright law

We provide comprehensive advice in this area of law regarding the use of third-party creations and check existing copyrights and licenses for you in order to protect you from accidentally incurring a liability to pay damages to the author of a creation. Should you already have infringed a copyright, we will support you in your defence against such allegations and/or in achieving an amicable settlement. If a third party has infringed your copyrights, we will enforce your claims against the infringer in and/or out of court in a cost-effective manner.

Furthermore, we will negotiate and draft licence agreements for you which allow you to grant rights of use in your creation to a third party, for example to commercialise your creation, or to be granted such rights of use by a third party.

Main areas of advice in copyright law

  • Copyright compliance
  • Granting of licences
  • Copyright enforcement procedures in and out of court
  • Licence agreement enforcement procedures in and out of court
  • IP Due Diligence
  • E-commerce and system responsibility
  • Telecommunications
  • Software

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