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Our experienced life sciences team

Life sciences in Germany

You use innovative energy to improve the provision of care to patients and customers with pharmaceutical, technical and cosmetic innovations. As a food manufacturer, you offer quality products to consumers which you distribute via well-established distribution structures or online via e-commerce.

Your company as well as other companies from the life sciences sector are subject to considerable regulatory pressure. At the same time, maintaining a balance between cost efficiency on the one hand and innovation on the other is a major factor in maintaining your competitiveness, as sufficient profitability is the only basis upon which investments in new development projects are possible.

For this reason, the life cycle of your products is the focus of our advice. Based on our experience in the regulated sectors of the life sciences industry, together with you we will devise decision-making tools for your company's development which are not only legally admissible but also economically viable.

Legal advice in the area of life sciences

Whether you need to make a decision regarding production or distribution structures, require support in questions regarding the protection of innovations or need decision-making tools for the commercialisation of your products or even a potential technology transfer: With our experience in the areas of research & development, clinical studies, market access and market behaviour, we will support you in developing practical solutions from a contractual and regulatory perspective.

To avoid infringements of regulatory or competition law provisions or other requirements, we also offer comprehensive compliance advice designed to preserve your creative freedom of action required to achieve your economic targets while protecting you and your business activities from challenges by competitors or third parties. In this context, we check your market activities to ensure compliance with all applicable requirements, in particular industry-specific laws. This applies to your (planned) projects such as business practices, product design and labelling, launch of new products or your distribution structures, but also to individual measures such as the advertising for your products or your internet presence.

Furthermore, we will support you in your communication with public authorities regarding permits or audits as well in the defence against third-party challenges in case of (alleged) infringements both in and out of court. Where the analysis of past infringements and the pragmatic implementation of improvement measures to avoid future infringements are concerned, we will again support you with our industry expertise.

Extensive experience in the life sciences sector

We advise innovative medium-sized companies as well as global players regarding national and international legal issues. This applies both to our advisory services as well as to negotiations and the drafting of contracts. In the analysis of specific cross-border cases and in the context of international company sales or acquisitions, we work closely together with our colleagues within our worldwide network. Our experience in the life sciences sector from several jurisdictions enables us to give you a complete, transnational picture of your matter as a basis upon which we will provide you with comprehensive advice.