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Pensions and Benefits in Germany

The restructuring of existing systems and the introduction of new and more attractive forms of pension plans are becoming more and more important for businesses in Germany.

Legal advice on pensions and benefits

Eversheds Sutherland's German Pensions & Benefits Group offers a comprehensive range of advice on the laws related to company pension schemes and compensation systems. We ensure that risks are identified and eliminated and assist in establishing clear and future-oriented structures for pension and benefit provision.

An important focus of our work is the structuring, closing, amendment or restriction of pension schemes. We advise employers, employer’s associations and financial institutions involved in the pensions industry on all issues of pension law.

Our advice covers not only the German Company Pension Schemes Act (BetrAVG), but also the requirements under the Works Constitution Act and provisions under collective bargaining agreements, as well as issues arising under company and contract law and accounting and tax aspects.

Main areas of advice in the area of pensions and benefits

Our advisory services are targeted at the following broad spheres:
  • Structuring, introducing, modifying and closing of pension schemes
  • Drafting pension commitments
  • Developing/introducing new forms of pension system
  • Pensions Due Diligence for M&A Transactions
  • Use of pensioner companies [Rentnergesellschaften]
  • Outsourcing of pension liabilities through CTAs
  • Reviewing and adjusting CTA structures
  • Conducting of court proceedings in all areas of pensions law

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