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Irish Revenue announces simplified payroll tax procedures for short-term business visitors06/07/2020
Coronavirus - Welcome Guidance by the DPC on the ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’ - Ireland01/07/2020
A positive change - Data centres and climate change 30/06/2020
Programme for Government 2020 – A Closer Look29/06/2020
Powering ahead - COVID-19 – Changes to corporate insolvency law23/06/2020
Central Bank of Ireland (“CBI”) fines and disqualifies former insurance company senior manager19/06/2020
Webinar Recording: Alieni juris – an Outlaw: The Law and Intersex People18/06/2020
Coronavirus - Northern Irish Courts: Update on a return to court business - Northern Ireland 17/06/2020
Draft Programme for Government – Climate Highlights16/06/2020
Coronavirus - New guidance on “flexible furlough” arrangements – Northern Ireland16/06/2020
Coronavirus – News on travel quarantine rules and immigration – Northern Ireland15/06/2020
Coronavirus - The Tribunals in Northern Ireland: Updated guidance - Northern Ireland12/06/2020
Coronavirus – contact tracing in Northern Ireland: employer issues12/06/2020
Webinar - Dealing with the fall-out - Beyond lockdown in Northern Ireland - Rescuing businesses and disputes11/06/2020
DAC 6 – EU Mandatory Disclosure Regime: An Irish Perspective 10/06/2020
EDPB provides further insight into GDPR Codes of Conduct10/06/2020
Coronavirus - Online property auctions: Tips and traps - Ireland05/06/2020
Preserving organisations: Redundancies and restructuring in a virtual world22/05/2020
Chambers Global Practice Guide - Public Procurement and Government Contracts30/04/2020
Coronavirus - Shining a light on restructuring options - Northern Ireland24/04/2020
Coronavirus - Guidance for employers - Northern Ireland08/04/2020
Coronavirus - Impact of COVID-19 on commercial leases - Ireland06/04/2020
Coronavirus - The potential impact on construction and engineering projects - Northern Ireland31/03/2020
Coronavirus - Wage Subsidy Scheme - Ireland30/03/2020
Coronavirus - Pausing planning elements - Ireland30/03/2020
Coronavirus - Irish corporate tax residency considerations arising from Covid-19 - Ireland30/03/2020
Coronavirus - Legal FAQ for data centre providers - Ireland30/03/2020
Coronavirus - Irish Revenue updates e-working guidance amidst Covid-19 outbreak - Ireland26/03/2020
Coronavirus - AGM 2020: Is a virtual or hybrid AGM the answer? - Ireland26/03/2020
Coronavirus – Corporate law update: MAC conditions in M&A transactions - Ireland25/03/2020
Coronavirus - What do businesses need to know about Force Majeure and Frustration? - Ireland25/03/2020
Coronavirus - What it means for public purchasing - Ireland25/03/2020
Coronavirus - Information and resources for businesses and employers - Northern Ireland24/03/2020
Coronavirus - Access to justice and everyday practicalities - Ireland23/03/2020
Coronavirus - Dealing with the financial services regulatory challenges - Ireland20/03/2020
Coronavirus - Guidance for Employers - Ireland20/03/2020
Managing short and longer term dispute risk arising out of COVID-1920/03/2020
Coronavirus - Employment law update - Ireland20/03/2020
Coronavirus - Commercial Contracts - Ireland16/03/2020
Recording - Legal implications for pension schemes - Ireland16/03/2020
Strategic, pragmatic and focused support - Planning and Environmental Group Experience21/02/2020
The Northern Ireland employment forecast 202029/01/2020
Providing guidance - Helping you navigate environmental and health and safety risk20/01/2020
Working together to guide you - Disclosure in England & Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland 17/01/2020
The sky's the limit - Experience in construction law16/01/2020
Keeping you connected - Our global data privacy and cyber security lawyers16/01/2020
New regulations permit the Central Bank of Ireland to limit the rights of data subjects under the GDPR 15/01/2020
A lucky escape for the Irish Government: Pensions-Sicherungs-Verein VVaG -v- Günther Bauer15/01/2020
Strategic, pragmatic and focused support - 2019 Health and Safety experience18/12/2019
Preparing for the new Individual Accountability Regime26/11/2019
Domiciling a Hedge Fund - Ireland and the ICAV: a guide for first-time managers15/11/2019
A transparent process: Irish DPC issues new guidance on data sharing in the public sector10/10/2019
Budget Summary 202009/10/2019
Chambers - Global Practice Guide - International Arbitration19/09/2019
Ireland: domestic and international corporate tax update07/08/2019
Holding companies: Irish VAT decuctibility of share acquisition costs07/08/2019
DPC Guidance on data sharing in the Public Sector31/07/2019
The Irish Exit Tax Regime22/07/2019
Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) issues guidance on CCTV for controllers08/07/2019
Getting the Deal Through - Public Procurement in Ireland03/07/2019
Consumer rights in repossession cases23/05/2019
CCPC guidelines for nursing home contracts of care17/05/2019
Irish Data Protection Commission publishes first annual report since GDPR15/04/2019
Disclosure and confidentiality: a balancing exercise25/03/2019
Commercial Litigation Developments in Northern Ireland22/03/2019
Taking a closer look at Brexit - What changes could mean for dispute resolution and litigation22/02/2019
Run off arrangements for UK insurance contracts confirmed21/02/2019
Useful pre-Christmas Brexit clarifications for Irish pensions schemes21/12/2018
Construction contracts - Hints, tips and solution focused answers14/12/2018
Introducing the National Planning Framework16/02/2018
New measures to prevent delays to key building projects12/02/2018
2017 Health and Safety experience09/02/2018
Costs awarded against a non-party in procurement proceedings02/02/2018
FOI and public procurement29/01/2018
Timely reminder of the burden of proof and the need to establish substantial grounds in an application for judicial review29/01/2018
Importance of BIM in Publically Funded Construction Contracts22/01/2018
When is a fail not a fail?18/01/2018
New EU procurement thresholds05/01/2018
Transfer restrictions - NPL Portfolio Sales22/12/2017
Athenry data centre decision provides further clarity for tech giants and developers20/10/2017
Health and Safety update - Step towards sentencing guidelines22/06/2017
Global employment briefing: Ireland, February 201701/02/2017
Global employment briefing: Ireland, October 201604/10/2016
Global employment briefing: Ireland, May 201624/05/2016
Global employment briefing: Ireland, February 201601/02/2016
Ireland’s 2013 construction contracts act: list of individuals appointed to the panel of adjudicators published and implementation imminent 20/01/2016
Summary judgment in international arbitrations – to be or not to be? That is the question14/12/2015
The Finance (Tax Appeals) Bill 2015 – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? 21/10/2015
Onshore wind renewables obligation: Northern Ireland to follow suit05/10/2015
Global employment briefing: Ireland, May 201528/05/2015
Ireland: An insight into what Ireland's future Knowledge Development Box might look like 12/02/2015
Brussels Procurement e-Briefing: European Defence and Security Procurement: difficulties and action points06/02/2015
Global employment briefing: Ireland, January 201528/01/2015
New Companies Bill passed in Ireland - Companies Act 2014 to become law in June 2015 16/01/2015
The end of “Stateless Companies” and the beginning of reform15/10/2014
Merger reform given green light in Ireland 01/08/2014
Global employment briefing: Ireland, May 201323/05/2013
Legislation introduced to save heel-prick test database05/04/2013
Reversal of the decision to destroy the "heel-prick" test database – is a change of law necessary?27/03/2013
Frivolity - The Data Protection Commissioner is not amused27/03/2013
OFT’s new guidelines for investigating competition infringements06/11/2012
Pupils expelled for 'disparaging Facebook comments'17/05/2012
Irish Property Funds 25/04/2012
Primary Care in Ireland17/04/2012
Administrative sanction procedures17/04/2012
Changes to existing contracts under public procurement rules17/04/2012
Protection of employees (Temporary Agency Work) Bill 201122/12/2011
Multi-unit developments Act 201121/11/2011
The pensions crisis21/11/2011
Your health records how private are they21/11/2011
Employment law innovations - a change for the better? 18/11/2011
Watching premier league in a pub17/11/2011
Parent companies face exposure for their subsidiaries' actions 04/11/2011
Sovereign Annuities and Funding Standard Developments 04/11/2011