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Webinar - Dealing with the fall-out - Beyond lockdown in Northern Ireland - Rescuing businesses and disputes

  • Northern Ireland
  • Ireland
  • Coronavirus
  • Litigation and dispute management


The economic impact of the coronavirus is already far-reaching. Even as we gradually start to ease the lockdown in Northern Ireland, the sad inevitability will be that some organisations will fail in its wake. Insolvency proceedings may follow, whereupon focus will switch to rescue opportunities. Litigation is also more likely, as parties aggrieved by the way in which aspects of lockdown have affected their business or personal situations become better-placed to pursue those grievances through the courts.

The fourth webinar in our 'Back to the future of work – beyond lockdown in Northern Ireland' series discussed how best to 'Deal with the fall-out of the pandemic – rescuing businesses and disputes’. The webinar took place on 10 June.

Lisa Bryson , Partner - Employment, Matthew Howse , Partner – Litigation and Dispute Resolution, and Damian McElholm , Senior Associate – Banking and Finance, discuss:

• When is a company ‘insolvent’ and if the aim is a rescue how is this usually achieved?

• The changes aimed at supporting companies undergoing a rescue or restructure process

• The interplay between employment and insolvency law

• Can an administrator access the CJRS?

• Anticipated areas of dispute

You can access the full recording below now: