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Welcome to our Brexit site. Here you can find publications on what Brexit means for Ireland, and issues of interest to Irish businesses and/or businesses considering Ireland as a location post Brexit.

The result of the UK’s EU referendum was announced on Friday, 24 June 2016 with a vote in favour of the UK leaving the EU. Ireland is firmly inside the EU and will remain so. This makes the UK’s English speaking neighbour an excellent proposition for any business looking for the certainty and stability that continued EU membership brings.

Common questions that you should be already asking include:

  • what strategic changes do you see your business making as a result of Brexit?
  • what impact does Brexit have on your current business plan?
  • how reliant is your business on the EU “freedoms” or any services or branch “passport”?
  • for Irish businesses, is any part of your supply chain in the UK? For UK businesses, is any part of your supply chain in another EU member state?
  • do you share or send data across the EU (including the UK)?
The Eversheds Sutherland Brexit team has multi-disciplinary expertise, keeping you ahead of the twists and turns as Brexit develops. We are here to advise you on the impact for your business and how to protect your interests.




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