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Coronavirus legal updates - Ireland and Northern Ireland

The development of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to create contractual and other legal challenges which are in many ways unprecedented. The impact of the virus is being felt globally.

We are monitoring developments locally in Ireland and Northern Ireland and drawing on the learnings of our global offices for the benefit of our clients and wider community.

We have centralised our know-how and are sharing best practice with our clients. This page contains many of our legal briefings relating to issues in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

We are taking many queries from clients on issues ranging from HR policies, force majeure in supply chain contracts, data protection, insurance cover, delay/termination issues in contracts, funding and regulatory challenges. Should you require support on legal issues facing your business, please either contact your Eversheds Sutherland key contacts, or email, and your query will be directed to the relevant teams locally or globally.

Read about Eversheds Sutherland’s own response to the outbreak.

Legal FAQ for data centre providers Irish corporate tax residency considerations arising from Covid-19

Job retention scheme - Northern Ireland COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme

Latest Coronavirus updates - Ireland

Coronavirus - The implications for pensions: the Wage Subsidy Scheme and suspension of contributions - Ireland09/04/2020
Coronavirus - Update on Emergency COVID–19 Legislation - Ireland09/04/2020
Coronavirus - COVID-19: A jump start for eConveyancing - Ireland08/04/2020
Coronavirus - Guidance for employers - Northern Ireland08/04/2020
COVID-19 Construction in Ireland – Response and Recovery08/04/2020
Coronavirus - COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme - Ireland03/04/2020
Coronavirus - Emergency Measures - Health (Preservation and Protection and other Emergency Measures in the Public Interest) Act 2020 - Ireland03/04/2020
Coronavirus - Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (Covid-19) Act 2020 – Does it extend to Commercial Tenancies? - Ireland03/04/2020
Coronavirus - Legal guidance - Impact of COVID-19 on commercial leases - Ireland03/04/2020
Coronavirus - Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (Covid-19) Act 2020 – Impact on Residential Tenancies - Ireland02/04/2020
Coronavirus – A guide to Force Majeure around the world - Global01/04/2020
Coronavirus - Public purchasing and Covid-19 - Ireland31/03/2020
Coronavirus - Summary of Covid-19 tax measures and Irish Revenue guidance - Ireland31/03/2020
Coronavirus - Legal FAQ for data centre providers - Ireland30/03/2020
Coronavirus - Irish corporate tax residency considerations arising from Covid-19 - Ireland27/03/2020
Coronavirus - Job retention scheme - Northern Ireland27/03/2020
Coronavirus - Pausing planning elements - Ireland27/03/2020
Coronavirus - Irish Revenue updates e-working guidance amidst Covid-19 outbreak - Ireland26/03/2020
Coronavirus - AGM 2020: Is a virtual or hybrid AGM the answer? - Ireland26/03/2020
Coronavirus - Data Protection considerations for alternative communication platforms - Global25/03/2020
Coronavirus – Corporate law update: MAC conditions in M&A transactions - Ireland25/03/2020
Coronavirus - What it means for public purchasing - Ireland25/03/2020
Coronavirus - What do businesses need to know about force majeure and frustration? - Ireland25/03/2020
Coronavirus - Access to justice and everyday practicalities - Ireland23/03/2020
Coronavirus - Guidance for Employers - Ireland20/03/2020
Coronavirus - Tax Developments - Global20/03/2020
Coronavirus - Dealing with the financial services regulatory challenges - Ireland19/03/2020
Coronavirus – Corporate law update: How to move forward with business in light of Covid-19 – Ireland18/03/2020
Coronavirus - Employment law update - Northern Ireland18/03/2020
Coronavirus - Health and Safety update - COVID-19 and how to manage the risks of working alone - Ireland13/03/2020
Coronavirus - Commercial contracts - Ireland12/03/2020
Coronavirus – Data Protection Implications for Organisations - Ireland12/03/2020
Coronavirus - Legal implications for pension schemes - Ireland12/03/2020
Coronavirus - Health Matters - Ireland12/03/2020
Jig up for the gig economy?02/03/2020
The Coronavirus and the workplace31/01/2020

Latest Coronavirus updates - Northern Ireland

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