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The Corporate Counsel Programme

The Corporate Counsel Programme is an in-house counsel programme designed by Eversheds Sutherland to provide practical guidance and networking platforms for internal General Counsel and in-house legal teams.

The Corporate Counsel Programme delivers:

  • support, based on a deep understanding of your business, that will allow you to deliver outstanding performance
  • access to an international network where you can exchange views and experiences with influencers from your sector, geographic region or peer group
  • an ongoing relationship with people genuinely interested in your world, to assist you in all aspects of your work.

The Corporate Counsel Programme is a partnership as much as a service. We want to be people you can rely on for everything you need and trust us to deliver. Everything we do for you will be relevant, focused on your specific needs and intended to make a positive impact.

Eversheds Sutherland Podcast Series

Our innovative General Counsel Programme is now easier for you to access.

We are launching the Eversheds Sutherland Podcast Series which aims to provide a simple, clear and to the point discussion about a specific topic within each practice area every month, We will discuss the implications of any trends and updates and provide interesting roadmaps to guide you through any changes,

To the right you will see links to the podcasts on the Apple iTunes store. If you wish to be awarded CPD points for listening to any of our podcasts that are relevant to your practice area, please contact Zoe Byrne ( She will send you a certificate of completion. This certificate will be used to prove that you have listened to the podcast so that you can be awarded the CPD points.

Please note:As we cannot prove that you have listened to the podcast through the Apple podcast app, it is your responsibility to prove to the Law Society that you have listened to the podcast if they ask for details.

Podcast schedule

Month Focus Area Release Date
April 2019 Health and Safety 18 April
April 2019 Real Estate 18 April
May 2019 Banking 16 May
June 2019 Employment - Retirement age changes 20 June
July 2019 Insurance 18 July
August 2019 Banking and Financial Services - Funding 15 August
October 2019 Fintech 3 October
October 2019 Asset Management & Regulation 19 October
November 2019 Capital Markets and M&A 21 November
December 2019 Pensions 19 December

Upcoming Corporate Counsel events in Ireland

We will continue to host educational/networking events throughout the year. The below events are lined up for this year so far.

Date                          Event  Location
3 October 2019 Digital Detox Expert, Tanya Goodin Dublin


To register for any of the above events or to receive further information about Eversheds Sutherland Corporate Counsel events and resources, please email