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Eversheds Women's Leadership Initiative

Eversheds Sutherland Women

The Eversheds Sutherland Women (ESW) is an inclusive group, open to all women within Eversheds Sutherland to join.  We organise various events which cater for members at different levels and stages of their careers.  

ESW is a forum where our members can share ideas and experiences with one another in a safe and supported environment.

The purpose of the initiative is to provide a forum for women in Eversheds Sutherland to discuss experiences and ideas about career development. The main focus of the group is development – both personal and professional – through learning about how others achieved their career successes and then teaching our members the necessary skills to enable them to realise their goals within the Firm.

The ESW Mission Statement

The ESW Mission Statement can be summarised as follows:

    "to support women in Eversheds Sutherland to reach their full potential"

It is our intention that by providing a network to grow and develop skills, and a safe environment within which to discuss these challenges, each ESW member will:

  • Gain increased confidence and self-awareness;
  • Decide what success means for her, in terms of her own career, and understand how to go about achieving it; and
  • Develop skills such as networking and business development.

Through the facilitated discussions, workshops and guest speakers, each member is given an opportunity, in a safe environment, to learn from the experiences of others in achieving her career goals and an opportunity to examine her strengths and weaknesses and provides a forum to get feedback and constructive criticism.