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ESG Green Hub

Climate change, corporate sustainability and the green economy have become defining issues of our time.

Governments, regulators and other key stakeholders are increasingly focused on the need to improve green-focused operations, investment and more.

As a full service international law firm we can help protect your business from risks and threats and also capitalise on the many opportunities that climate change, sustainability and the green economy presents. We don’t just understand the law in this area, we help to shape it. Our lawyers are at the forefront of legal, tax, regulatory and market developments across the globe.

Our multidisciplinary and multijurisdictional teams collaborate on the latest green issues, providing advice across a broad range of topics including:

  • Investment funds and ESG
  • Pension schemes and ESG
  • Planning and environmental
  • Projects and public procurement
  • Renewable energy
  • Social and affordable housing
  • Sustainable banking and green loans

To find out how we can help you on a particular area of law, please choose from the following options:

ESG Financial Services   Clean Energy and Sustainability

Sustainable Finance 

How we can help

Decarbonization and sustainability advice we provide:

Energy transition projects including sustainable transport, sustainable fuels, renewable heat and power, storage solutions, smart and distributed power solutions

JVs and business partnerships

M&A and investing across global assets

Sustainability, climate and impact fund creation and investments

Asset green tagging structures and green finance including project finance and climate and transactional bonds

Climate, carbon and energy transition regulation

Climate and carbon reporting, compliance and disclosure

Decarbonization procurement and solutions including energy transition assets such as renewable power and heat, energy efficiency, EV mobility and distributed energy

Utilization of existing asset base for climate solutions

Own organization climate risk due diligence including supply chain

Carbon trading and other set off structures including forestry products

Employee contract and workplace alignment with corporate climate targets and compliance

Climate litigation

Heading climate risk including derivatives

Forestry and sustainable agriculture solutions

 Public procurement environmental considerations