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Data Protection, Ireland

With the increase in public reporting of high profile security breaches, particularly in the public sector, our dedicated Data Protection Group recognises the importance of providing sound data protection advice and has a strong focus on finding practical solutions for all our clients' needs.

We provide professional advice on a wide range of data protection issues, with a strong focus on finding practical solutions.  We routinely provide advice in relation to important data protection issues for clients, both as part of significant transactions and as part of ongoing legal compliance.  Our clients include public sector and private sector bodies, IT companies, financial institutions, private companies, pension funds and insurance companies.  We regularly advise on a range of matters including:

  • Data protection compliance advice for data controllers and data processors, including registration obligations
  • Data protection audits
  • Dealing with the Cookies Directive and the Electronic Privacy Regulations
  • Compulsory registration of Controllers and Processors
  • Dealing with Garda requests for information under the data protection acts
  • Privacy issues for donors, including issues around retention of financial data
  • Advising clients generally particularly with regard to monitoring issues such as CCTV and phone monitoring
  • Privacy policies
  • Marketing issues (opt-outs and opt-ins)
  • Data protection access requests and exemptions
  • Data transfer and data processing agreements
  • Record retention and deletion advice
  • Export of personal data issues
  • Electronic communications and privacy regulations advice
  • Dealing with dawn raids, enforcement notices and prosecutions by the Data Protection Commissioner
  • Dealing with the issues of personal liability for directors, managers and offices of organisations
  • Safe Harbour and Binding Corporate Rules issues