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Consumer demand has pushed businesses across different sectors to innovate and invest heavily, with the aim to remain competitive in an increasingly challenging market. In the current market environment, consumers are increasingly informed and selective and require companies to comply with high technical and regulatory standards.

In this context, we regularly provide advice to global companies on the implementation of strategic projects such as expansion into new markets and development of new products and services, in addition to operational and day to day issues affecting their businesses across the globe.

What sets us apart is the determination to understand clients’ business through their specific sectors’ peculiarities and characteristics, using our comprehensive knowledge gained from years of experience in all the major industries including electronics products,, food and beverages, luxury products and in the brick & mortar and e-commerce distribution systems. We also have a significant experience in the hotels and hospitality sectors, having advised multi-national companies in various aspects of this industry’s economic cycle, including site-acquisitions and hotels management agreements.

With our sound support and assistance, we help clients stay on top of legal matters, react when they need to and ensure their organisation is complying with the law while implementing their business strategy.

Food & Beverages

The food & beverage legal environment is fast-changing and increasingly complex. Consumers’ choices and preferences constantly change and businesses need to adapt to this changes while keeping ahead of any possible legal and regulatory challenge.

A major consumers’ attention to animals’ and food’s health and nutrition has caused major shifts in the industry, requiring businesses to adapt their ad campaigns and traceability systems.

We recognize the pressures deriving from consumer and regulatory demands in an environment where cost increases are likely to be greater than ever.

We can provide you with an outstanding group of legal professionals, specialized in a wide range of matters, offering strategic legal advice to meet all your legal needs including mergers & acquisitions, products’ compliance, international trade, supply chain traceability, product liability, food labelling and advertising.

Retail & Leisure

The retail sector has been the most affected by technology developments during the latest years, with an ever-increasing demand for online stores and products and a shift from the traditional brick & mortar environment. In any case, consumers demand a seamless purchase experience, regardless of the products or services acquired.

Retailers have been required to invest heavily to grant that consumers’ demands and orders are promptly met and satisfied.

In this complex environment, our lawyers can offer to clients a sector-specific knowledge aimed at reducing risks and helping them grow their successes strategies.

Retail companies operating online and offline need trustworthy lawyers, who know their business and can provide quality advice on contentious matters as well as on regulation, data protection and compliance aspects.


The hospitality environment has been widely affected by the advent of the internet: new ways to book hotel rooms and services are now part of our daily life.

As a consequence, companies active in this sector now need to keep ahead of any technological development while maintaining a high standard of services.

Eversheds Sutherland’s Italian team can offer all kinds of legal services in the hospitality sector and can assist different kinds of clients in the course of their business, including investors, developers, owners and operators in hotels, restaurants, theme and amusement parks.