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Diversified Industrials

In today’s uncertain world, manufacturers active in different industries and sectors need to adapt their day-by-day and more complex business choices to ever changing macroeconomic conditions.

With our clients-focused legal perspective, we understand the needs and challenges of each industry, and we are eager to work out with our clients’ internal teams to sort out the best ways to cope with new market challenges.

We assist operators in the adjustment of their portfolio of businesses and in the adoption of new technologies that improve their products and make them more valued by their customers. Furthermore, we assist companies in the compliance with standard regulations and trade-related aspects, to ensure that the import and export operations are conducted in a sound and smooth way.

Our many years of experience in advising businesses gives us insights into the issues clients may deal with and makes us perfectly placed to help them prosper in this evolving environment now and into the future. Our sectors of expertise vary from chemicals to automotive, from engineering to heavy machinery and our legal services include tax aspects, mergers and acquisitions, international trade compliance, cyber security and dispute resolution.

Our lawyers combine strategic understanding, with technical excellence to ensure that your activities are soundly and securely based and carried out.

Aerospace, Defence and Security

Aerospace, Defense and Security sectors are certainly ones of the most affected by legal challenges and disruptive technology changes that can completely alter the production.

Our Italian team of lawyers is keen to ensure that our clients’ business goes on as smoothly and as innovative as possible.

We advise major international clients on both public and private sectors. We work with clients on a wide range of matters and issues including mergers & acquisitions, collaborative arrangements, group reorganizations, export of military and “dual-use” equipment, procurement and public tenders, litigation and supply chain disputes, international trade and sanctions, representation before the Ministry of Defense, the Foreign Ministry and other regulatory bodies.

We are keen to help multinational clients to thrive and expand their business on the Italian market as well as newly founded enterprises in the enhancement of their activities on such a competitive economic environment.


Chemical industry is facing major changes in the current times, with the need to comply with evolving regulations on the one hand and the struggle to keep up with the technologies’ disruptive developments, on the other.

Eversheds Sutherland’s Italian team has a consolidated experience in assisting chemical companies in a wide range of activities, such as the assessment of products’ compliance with the applicable standards, the import and export control procedures and the relationships with the relevant supervisory bodies, contractual arrangements and the verification of their compliance with applicable antitrust legislation.

We are keen to help our clients thrive and are willing to support them in the launch of any possible new product as well as in the day to day management of the usual business activities.


Eversheds Sutherland Italian lawyers are among the most prominent experts in the automotive sector, having been awarded as law firm of the year in 2021 in the transport sector by the prestigious Italian Legal Directory Top Legal.

We understand the struggle the automotive industry is facing to remain competitive on the global stage, deriving from a combination of factors including the change in consumers’ habits and the introduction of disruptive technologies such as driverless cars.

In this context, our Italian team of lawyers is best placed to provide strategic advice to the automotive industry’s actors, providing technical excellence in regulatory, corporate, employment, dispute resolution, privacy and intellectual property, among others.

Having been awarded for our expertise in the technological innovations in the transport sector, we are also keen to offer our automotive clients assistance on all the contractual and regulatory aspects related to the introduction of brand new products.

We are willing to let you and your customers thrive.

Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering

Our Italian Manufacturing & industrial engineering sector group has in-depth experience in corporate, employment, antitrust and competition, tax law, litigation, IP, insurance, global compliance and export controls and sanctions, coupled with extensive knowledge of your industry.

We are perfectly aware of the disruptive impact new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud and IoT has had on the manufacturing industry, and we are keen to help you stay ahead of this changes advising you on all the contractual relationships and the regulatory compliance to take into account.

We have an extensive experience in advising major multinational firms across the globe in their compliance with the applicable legislation and in shaping their relationships with commercial partners, as well as in solving their commercial, contractual, employment, competition and IP disputes, .

We are the legal team you need to support you in any possible challenge and we are best positioned to improve your business even in difficult times.