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Government & Infrastructure

Working with public institutions, government agencies and military bodies forces operators to address specific and unique legal issues. Public agencies are at the core of each Country’s economic and social development and private operators working with them need to comply with higher market and products’ standards.

Aware of all the above, we offer top legal services to meet both public and private clients’ needs, covering a wide range of sectors from public pension funds to hospitals, from public procurement procedures to transport.

We regularly assist public and private clients in litigation and ADR procedures, providing them with the most effective solutions in the collective best interest.

Airports & Aviation

Our aviation and airport practice is one of the best placed and best known on the Italian legal market. Indeed, we have been recently awarded with the Transport Sector Award by one of the most prominent Italian Legal Directories, Top Legal, having been recognized by an independent experts’ panel for our innovative and crucial expertise in the aviation sector.

Our team has developed an extensive experience in this highly regulated industry, having assisted numerous international and regional airlines, as well as airports’ management companies, in all aspects of their business activities and needs.

We understand the business and are keen to assist clients in their day to day compliance as well as before the relevant regulatory bodies, including the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, the Italian Transport Authority (ART) and the Italian Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (AGCM). In this regard, we share our clients’ understanding and interact with such authorities even before the adoption of any relevant regulation, especially during public consultations and public hearings, to help shaping a regulatory environment as favorable as possible for our clients businesses.

We have helped our clients even during the worst periods of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, assisting them in the relationships with customers which have become more difficult after the cancellation of a number of flights following the outbreak of the virus and the adoption of restrictive measures by the Italian Government.

Our legal services include FDI filings in the aviation sector, due diligences, compliance with the relevant regulations adopted by the sector authorities listed above and with the relevant competition and consumer protection legislation, passengers’ claims and reimbursements, commercial litigation.

We are the best Italian law firm to go to when aviation and airports’ management issues arise and we are ready to help our clients thrive in the current economic environment.


Having been awarded with the Top Legal 2021 Transport Industry Award, we are best placed to help our clients in the railway industry thrive and make their best on a challenging and increasingly regulated market.

In particular, we can assist our clients in any kind of legal challenge, including the exchanges with the relevant sector supervisory bodies, such as the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, the Italian Transport Authority (ART) and the Italian Competition and Consumer Protection Authority.

Furthermore, we can assist our clients in employment, corporate, IP, competition and customers’ claims litigation and during negotiations with potential partners, especially for the adoption of newly developed technologies.

Our recent experiences include:

  • the assistance to the freight division of a European railway operator in the evaluation of the possible outcome of a redress action to be initiated against railway operators that, despite having received aids aimed at the development of inter-modal transport, had not passed on such advantages to their intermediate and final customers; and
  • the assistance to a telecommunications’ operator specialized in the provision of wi-fi services on board of trains in the negotiations with its main Italian client (one of the major Italian railway operators) with regard to the regulatory framework applicable to the services offered.


Having been awarded with the Top Legal 2021 Transport Industry Award we are best placed to help our clients in the shipping and ports’ management industry and assist them in keeping ahead of their legal challenges.

We offer up-to-date legal advice on finance, environmental, regulatory and competition developments and operations. We provide our clients with multi-disciplinary services, for example during due-diligence processes covering employment, international trade and sanctions and commercial aspects of the shipping and ports industries.

We can offer you a wide range of legal services including assistance in the proceedings needed to obtain relevant licenses before national and local supervisory authorities, real estate aspects, maritime operations, commercial contracts, environmental law and sustainability and employment and pensions.

We have a team of lawyers experienced in shipping and transport, whose capabilities have been recognized by the industry as a whole, and who are keen to assist clients in expanding their geographical and economic scope of business.

Social infrastructure

The global demand for modern and efficient infrastructure has never been greater, and Italy makes no exception. Investment in physical infrastructure for social purposes can deliver huge economic benefits to the overall economy.

Our Italian team delivers dynamic and innovative structures to provide the foundations of vibrant social infrastructure projects and programs, built upon solid local legal advice coupled with international best practice.

We regularly help governments and private parties to develop Public-Private-Partnerships frameworks for procuring social infrastructure that meets national and international market standards, capable of attracting the most competitive project bids from major international corporates. We also advise investors and multilaterals on the financing, M&A and regulatory advice required for the delivery of social infrastructure assets.

Our diverse range of experience and extensive knowledge of current risk trends allows us to provide high-quality advice and apply innovative approaches in the social infrastructure sector. We are able to use this experience to help you shape and optimize your bid and investment strategies.

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