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Health & Life sciences

Our Life Sciences practice comprises a multi-disciplinary team and we act for companies and their investors across the industry, including in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, diagnostics and healthcare sectors.

Our life sciences specialists have extensive experience and understand the challenges facing the industry, such as increased scrutiny from the competition authorities on settlements of litigation relating to mature or post-patent expiry products with generic entrants, the marketing of products and global anticorruption legislation and the availability of medicines and supply chain concerns.

Indeed, we understand the many forces and incentives the industry is confronted with, from patients’ demand to reduced public spending, to ever severer sector regulations and privacy rules and we want our clients to be ahead of every obstacle.

We can assist pharma companies in every aspect of their business: from the conduction of clinical trials to the acquisition of market authorizations to the commercialization and advertising of medicinal products. We regularly advice our clients in their relationships with the competent national authorities (the European Medicines Agency, the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Medicines Agency) and in the most common sector-specific litigation procedures (including competition law investigations and claw-back proceedings).

Eversheds Sutherland’s Italian team is also aware of the challenges faced by other actors of the industry, such as integrated solutions’ providers for the healthcare sector, medical devices’ manufacturers and suppliers, and is able to offer them the best assistance. In such difficulties, the professionals of the Firm are ready to offer the most ambitious and cost effective legal solutions.

In this context, we assist both developing companies, that face brand-new regulatory constraints and other relevant legal issues for the first time, and multinationals companies, already fully integrated and with a recognized multiannual presence on the market.

Health & Life Sciences

Our team offers a specialist legal assistance in the Health & Life Sciences sector for all businesses active in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology sectors as well as in the provision of medical devices and diagnostics, in sanitary logistic. We assist both newly created companies, which for the first time face legal and regulatory challenges, as well as multi-national integrated firms operating in the health sector.

Our team comprises different competences and professionals to offer clients a real multidisciplinary service. Specifically, our experiences cover competition law, pharmaceutic regulation, administrative law (public tenders, public private partnerships, litigation), corporate and extraordinary operations and transactions (including production, distribution and outsourcing), data protection, IP (including R&D) and tax issues.

We have an integrated team, well positioned to understand all the challenges and the risks that the firms in the sector face, offering a 360 degrees assistance on every business aspect.

Senior living and social care

Eversheds Sutherland senior living and social care team comprises a multi disciplinary group of experienced lawyers that work together seamlessly.

We understand the difficulties faced by operators in the sector, in an environment characterized by an aging population and by an ever decreasing public expenditure. Furthermore, we know how the COVID-19 pandemic has increased public scrutiny over the sector and consequently the pressures operators face.

Our services include mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, contractual issues with public authorities, public tenders, public-private partnerships, employment law issues and commercial contracts.

We are well positioned to provide our clients with the best and most knowledgeable assistance possible.

Independent hospitals

The current economic and regulatory climate offers significant opportunities for providers in the independent hospital sector while posing other challenges. These range from the outsourcing of public services and fluctuating pricing to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has put the public health sector before new and difficult challenges.

Our legal services in the sector include the compliance with the regulatory framework, mergers and acquisitions, employment law issues, real estate acquisitions.

We are keen to help our clients stay ahead of any possible legal and regulatory challenge.

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