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Environmental and renewable energy, Italy

"Renewable energy is going through a period of change thanks to increased environmental awareness, the introduction of public incentives and subsidies and new technologies.

For the energy and environmental sector - as well as investors, ventures capitalists, dedicated funds and banks - these changes create new business opportunities and new challenges to seize.

These technologies, incentives and regulations are all strategic levers to utilise for those who operate in this sector at international, EU and national level. We can show you how to utilise them".

Guido Galeotti - head of energy sector group

Our main activities include:

  • Aeolian energy, onshore and off shore
  • Solar energy
  • Geothermic energy
  • Wave motion energy
  • Tide energy
  • Hydraulic energy
  • Biomass energy
  • Energy from dumping gas, residual gas from purification processes and biogas
  • Exchange of greenhouse gas quotas (GHG)