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Real Estate, Italy

"Whatever role estate plays in your business, our team can provide strategically focused, practical advice to help you take control of property assets and maximise their value.

Working with specialists from across the firm, our team advises clients involved in property finance, investment and development as well as occupiers, project managers, contractors and property (and property fund) managers.

We translate - both literally and commercially - the regulatory issues and prevailing laws that apply, enabling clients working in Italy to do business effectively."

Giuseppe Celli - head of real estate

Our main services include:

  • Acquiring or disposing of commercial, retail, agricultural, industrial and residential property
  • Records arrangement and licensing achievement
  • Mergers or reorganisations of real estate groups
  • Tax planning and assistance in development of efficient tax structures and domestic and international expenditures strategies
  • Construction licence and others permits achievements
  • Negotiating and drafting a wide variety of contracts (joint venture, purchase, supply, construction contracts)