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Netherlands Corporate Alert: Digital general meetings of Dutch companies20/02/2023
Netherlands Corporate Alert: UBO Registrations of Trusts and Funds for Joint Account13/02/2023
Energy emergency measures – electricity revenue cap in the Netherlands26/01/2023
Beyond Borders: Eversheds Sutherland's ICR insights series. EU Mobility Directive – Legal Update – The Netherlands 21/12/2022
Netherlands Corporate Alert: Digital Incorporation of Dutch B.V.08/12/2022
Digital Incorporation of Dutch B.V. 05/12/2022
EU court orders UBO-register to be closed to the public23/11/2022
H&M and Decathlon committed to provide better information about sustainability as well as donate € 500.00021/10/2022
Payment term for trade with SMEs in the Netherlands halved to 30 days29/08/2022
Transparante en voorspelbare arbeidsvoorwaarden: zijn jullie er klaar voor?31/05/2022
Geen afstand van pensioen bij overdracht zonder financiering voorwaardelijke indexatie09/05/2022
Gevolgen verhoging minimumloon voor pensioenpremies09/05/2022
Gevolgen Wet Toekomst Pensioenen voor werkgevers09/05/2022
Do I have a right to the supply of electricity?09/05/2022
Earth Day 202209/05/2022
Revision of the Dutch pension system by the ‘Dutch Future of Pensions Act’ (Wet toekomst pensioenen)29/04/2022
Cryptovaluta: niet onaantastbaar20/04/2022
Dutch offshore wind project capacity doubled22/03/2022
Omgevingsvergunning, overgang procesbelang en systematiek bestemmingsplan10/03/2022
Coronavirus - Employment law update - the Netherlands17/02/2022
Nieuwsbrief Pensioenen - december 202128/12/2021
Pensions of expatriate employees in the Netherlands07/12/2021
Employment Pensions transfer of undertaking podcast23/11/2021
Verplichte deelname in een pensioenfonds?02/11/2021
Nieuwsbrief Pensioenen - oktober 202125/10/2021
WHOA: the Dutch scheme of arrangement and implications for commercial contracts14/10/2021
Russian-Netherlands tax treaty denunciation: restructuring options for international companies30/09/2021
Nederlandse pensioenfondsen lopen ruim voor op ESG wetgeving29/09/2021
Nieuwsbrief Pensioenen - september 202120/09/2021
Business and human rights due diligence guide09/09/2021
Het nieuwe werken: thuis en/of op kantoor07/09/2021
Access to the premises: only vaccinated employees?02/09/2021
Upcoming legislation based on the Pension Agreement (“Pensioenakkoord”)20/08/2021
The Netherlands: revised bill on national security screening regime published19/08/2021
Blockchain: six key risks to be aware of02/08/2021
International benefits - Tread carefully20/07/2021
Eversheds' Dutch Office Head On 'Mandatory' Vaccinations, Managing Strong Personalities...and Oprah20/07/2021
De rol van de oprichter van een spac: risico’s en grote winsten15/07/2021
Nieuwsbrief Pensioenen - juli 202115/07/2021
Het organiseren van de pensioentransitie: juridisch passen en meten. Hoe past medezeggenschap in de transitie?01/07/2021
Privacysecties advocatuur: groot geworden door de AVG29/06/2021
ES NL restructuring podcast series #124/06/2021
SFDR: a closer look22/06/2021
WBTR: Wet Bestuur en Toezicht Rechtspersonen21/06/2021
Nieuwsbrief Pensioenen - juni 202116/06/2021
Game changer - Ready for the Dutch Remote Gaming Act?16/06/2021
The legal position of IT-contracts26/04/2021
Towards Instant Payments as the new normal26/04/2021
M&A Movers & Shakers: Wieger ten Hove25/04/2021
Verruimde review door Europese Commissie van ‘killer acquisitions’18/04/2021
Diversiteit als norm bij Eversheds Sutherland24/03/2021
(Trade) Secret to Success02/02/2021
Klimaatverandering relevant voor GCs15/12/2020
Bill published regarding foreign direct investment screening for Dutch companies active in critical sectors to have retrospective effect02/12/2020
Renewable Energy in a Crowded Country 03/11/2020
Temporary Provision for Postponement of Payment in light of Covid-1903/11/2020
Reshaping workforces for multinational employers – insight from the Netherlands29/10/2020
The WHOA: a new global restructuring tool06/10/2020
Reverse solicitation in the Netherlands06/10/2020
Establishing and developing data centres in the Netherlands05/10/2020
Coronavirus lockdown significantly increases fraud in financial markets in the Netherlands28/09/2020
Helping you manage the impact of pension reforms in the Netherlands17/09/2020
Solar Magazine: Eversheds Sutherland advises buyers of Bomhofsplas Solar Park09/09/2020
Forcing contract compliance and easy asset tracing through attachment on Dutch assets07/09/2020
Are you ready to restructure?03/09/2020
Coronavirus - Further extension of emergency measure – NOW 3.0 - Netherlands02/09/2020
Netherlands - An international perspective – Views on key issues from around the globe01/09/2020
Biggest mounted solar park in Netherlands calls on Eversheds and DLA Piper21/08/2020
Conflict management and dispute resolution between German and Dutch business partners19/08/2020
With ambitions offshore, floating solar makes its first splashes in Europe05/08/2020
Netherlands: Strengthening our clean energy finance practice04/08/2020
Coronavirus - NOW 2.0, extended state aid for employers - Netherlands01/07/2020
A buoyant future for renewable energy01/07/2020
Dutch Government real estate tender for the development of solar parks at four junctions along the highway A717/06/2020
Coronavirus - Overview of measures in the financial sector by Dutch Regulators due to the Corona pandemic23/04/2020
The development of Open Solar Contracts: a sigificant milestone in the standardisation of contracts for international solar19/02/2020
Supreme Court decision: termination of dormant employment contracts21/11/2019
Hong Kong’s European network of Memoranda of Understanding 07/06/2019
Investment firms have insufficient knowledge of Wwft (CTF) requirements 20/02/2019
Brexit Exemption for investment firms07/02/2019
Creation of a New Netherlands Commercial Court confirmed -- international commercial litigation possibilities opened12/12/2018
Dutch Brexit Act07/12/2018
Global Employment briefing: Netherlands, October 201803/10/2018
Netherlands: Status updated on the Dutch Climate Agreement – Focus on the Electricity Sector 11/09/2018
Global employment briefing: Netherlands, January 201831/01/2018
Regulating firms’ culture - The increasing focus by financial regulators internationally on supervising firms’ culture18/05/2017
Global employment briefing: The Netherlands, February 201701/02/2017
The position of the right of pledge after bankruptcy on goods that are delivered subject to retention of title19/01/2017
The enforcement of securities connected to a pledged debt by the pledgee06/01/2017
Global employment briefing: Netherlands, October 201630/09/2016
International corporate structures – changes to the taxation of Dutch Cooperatives21/09/2016
The equity surplus-arrangement – clarified31/08/2016
When do receivables for provided services arise for health care providers?25/08/2016
"Passing-on" defence available under Dutch law for competition law damages actions15/08/2016
Increased maximum fines for Dutch competition law infringements15/08/2016
Investment in the Netherlands 2016: Updated version now available06/07/2016
Whistleblowers (Safe Haven) Act Obligation for employers with 50 or more employees to have whistleblowers’ regulations21/04/2016
Global employment briefing: Netherlands, February 201601/02/2016
Court rules whistleblower statements must be disclosed21/12/2015
Global employment briefing: Netherlands, January 201528/01/2015
General expectations and recommendations07/07/2014
Flexible labour - effective date 1 January 2015 / 1 July 201503/07/2014
Transitional remuneration and additional severance payment – effective date 1 July 201503/07/2014
The Collective Labour Agreement03/07/2014
Bill on the supervision of credit unions to parliament23/06/2014
Directive for the recovery and resolution of credit institutions and investment firms05/06/2014
Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive05/06/2014
What you should know about clearing and settlement institutions03/04/2014
Cross-border conversion21/02/2014
The aim for a European regime for crowdfunding22/01/2014
Crowdfunders - be alarmed!06/05/2013
Alternative manners of financing; easing of the rules; a first update27/02/2013
Global employment briefing: the Netherlands, January 201325/01/2013
The "10 Commandments" of Crowdfunding11/01/2013
Act on Management and Supervision01/01/2013
Flex B.V. Implementation of a more flexible corporate law applicable to Dutch B.V.'s13/06/2012
Changes in holiday legislation25/11/2011
The UK Green Deal conference, taking steps towards greater energy efficiency29/09/2011
Eversheds ranked as the top legal adviser to cleantech industry in Europe19/08/2011
Eversheds has been ranked as the top legal adviser to the cleantech industry in Europe19/08/2011
Eversheds' clean energy and sustainability briefing: UK's Green Deal gathers pace17/08/2011
Netherlands: Merger Control - The European Antitrust Review 201113/12/2010
Terminated negotiations27/08/2009
Amendment Electricity Act 1998 – Priority transmission Renewable Electricity04/06/2009
Payment Services Directive20/05/2009
SDE scheme17/03/2009
Some Dutch legal comfort in turbulent times01/01/2009
Dutch Health Group01/12/2008
Assignment of a claim28/11/2008
Publication of the annual accounts28/11/2008
Introduction Dutch Financial and banking law20/11/2008
Change in Cantonal Court Formula03/11/2008
Supervision on Dutch representative offices01/11/2008
Approval of Prospectus, the "Country of Origin" Principle01/07/2007