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Legal opinions

The globalisation of the financing and transactional practice has led to an increased need for certainty on aspects of Dutch law among foreign parties. It is especially in this context that is has become standard practise for foreign parties to require a legal opinion so that they have that certainty. A legal opinion provides certainty on the legal status of a Dutch counterparty, for example, on the enforceability of agreements, the validity of security interests and the recognition of a choice of law and forum. Most legal opinions are issued in the context of international financing, securities’ issue, flotations and major international acquisitions.

Eversheds Sutherland has a flourishing legal opinion practice, thanks in part to its international nature, and legal opinions are issued with clock-like regularity to banks, other financial institutions and foreign companies. As most large national and international banks are familiar with the format of legal opinions by Eversheds Sutherland, we guarantee that legal opinions are issued with speed and efficiency. Our expertise comprises:

  • issuing legal opinions;
  • assessing legal opinions of third parties;
  • compiling all documentation necessary (internal decision-making, etc) for legal opinions; and
  • securing foreign legal opinions through our Eversheds Sutherland network.

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