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Information Technology (IT)

The professionals within the IT group have excellent knowledge of the IT market and assist both IT suppliers and IT consumers. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge in fields such as:

  • E-business
    Internet trade is becoming increasingly important and has to comply with more and more legal requirements. We know the do’s and don'ts.
  • Outsourcing
    Outsourcing of ICT support, software development and other service processes to countries such as India or China has taken a great flight. Besides the transfer itself, service contracts and IT and privacy law and the associated conditions require sound legal assistance.
  • Licence agreements
    Various licence forms are used in the IT industry. Our professionals are highly experienced in assisting both licensors and licensees, and will protect you from any faux pas.
  • General terms and conditions, disclaimers and R&D agreements
    Drafting general conditions for ICT products and services requires not only a sound understanding of the technology and the industry but also of the client's business. The professionals of Eversheds Sutherland know all the ins and outs.