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Real Estate

The real estate market is a world in itself. Characterized by major financial and social interests, it has many stakeholders and is governed by a maze of laws and regulations. In this area, a good advisor is of great value and can make the difference between success and failure.

The professionals of Eversheds Sutherland real estate team not only have up-to-date legal knowledge, but also know their way around in the world of real estate. This enables them to offer clients solutions that are watertight in legal and tax terms and are also sensible from a business and economic perspective.

Eversheds Sutherland real estate team renders services to commercial market parties as well as non-profit organizations such as public authorities. One special and topical focus is renewable energy. The basis of the team is formed by the real estate notarial practice. External consultants such as auditors and tax consultants are hired on an as needed basis.

In addition to providing assistance independently, the team supports other teams within Eversheds Sutherland. It goes without saying that international transactions are handled in close cooperation with the foreign real estate teams within Eversheds Sutherland International.

The principal service and focus areas of the real estate team are:

  • project development
  • financing and refinancing
  • dividing buildings into apartment rights
  • conveyancing
  • security (such as mortgages)
  • turn-key agreements
  • joint venture agreements
  • renewable energy
  • care
  • lease
  • rights in rem, such as rights of superficies and ground lease

Eversheds Sutherland real estate team has recently been involved in:

  • the creation of a closed-end mutual fund and the acquisition of real estate for that fund;
  • the acquisition of land for a housing association in order to develop and realize sheltered farms;
  • the creation of building rights and additional rights in connection with thermal storage and windmills;
  • the creation of building rights for and the financing of terminals in the Rotterdam port area;
  • the acquisition of land and the division and subdivision of a multipurpose complex to be realized on it with sheltered space, educational space, parking space, commercial space and residences;
  • the refinancing of a major Dutch developer;
  • registration of pipes.