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Data Protection

 Data protection laws, and increasing regulatory and commercial pressure on the use of information, are vital issues that impact on virtually every organisation. Our substantial international team of over 70 data privacy experts advises on global and national data issues for clients of all shapes and sizes. We have specialists in over 40 countries, meaning you get the depth of resource you need in globalised times.

We understand both the law and the way it is applied by regulators, offering a pragmatic and seamless approach across international boundaries. Our vast experience has given us an understanding not just of the law, but also of the way in which to approach compliance tasks. We develop insightful solutions that make sense for your business and with brand reputation and legal liability at stake, allow you to benchmark acceptable risk.


Watch the videos from our Spanish team to get the latest commentary on how to adapt to the new European Regulation on Data Protection


New tendencies: outsourcing of the system management and the data protection delegate
12th July 2016

On Tuesday 12th June, Eversheds are holding a breakfast meeting.

We will explain the advantages of outsourcing the system management and we will find out how we can improve processes through platforms like Genetsis and Privacy Perfect. We will also discuss the legal implications of outsourcing the system management and the new models of information and technologies management.

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Procedure Sanctioning of AEPD
15th June 2016

On Wednesday 15th June, Eversheds held a breakfast conference regarding the disciplinary proceedings of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD)

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