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María Hernández, Partner

Corporate Compliance

The Compliance Department is staffed by a team of highly qualified legal professionals with broad compliance experience in a range of different sectors. The Head of the department has extensive practical knowledge of Compliance matters, having designed and implemented Compliance programmes as the internal Chief Compliance Officer of various multinational and Spanish entities. Furthermore, she has served as member of the Organismo di Vigilanza in Italian companies (acting under the Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001) and is a member of several Supervisory bodies in companies operating in Spain.

We currently provide advice to various companies, both national and international, on the drafting, implementation and adaptation of their Compliance Programs according to the new requirements of the Spanish Criminal Code, amended in 2015. Such amendment incorporated a significant benefit for companies that adopt and effectively implement a Compliance Program as it can serve as corporate defence for the company in case of offences committed by its directors, officers or employees.

The Compliance Department not only assists our clients to avoid criminal liability, but we also offer a wide range of strategic consultancy services for companies in order to help them in gaining competitiveness trough the implementation of a proper culture of compliance within the organizations.

Our professionals have held corporate Compliance positions in different companies, allowing us to add value by providing eminently practical advisory services in the implementation and adaptation of Compliance Programmes to ensure an effective and appropriate corporate culture.

Our services:

  • Advisory, preparation, monitoring and control of Compliance Programmes in different Sectors.
  • Analysis of criminal and sectorial risks, focusing on specific risks arising from the clients’ business activities.
  • Drafting of Codes of Conduct and Corporate Policies designed in view of the client’s specific business reality and the potential risks it entails.
  • Advisory in relation to the possible implementation of whistleblowing hotlines and external management of the same.
  • Design of effective information and communication programmes targeting employees and third parties who may present risks in the compliance area (sales agents, suppliers, etc.).
  • Draft control and monitoring procedures to ensure all control measures are properly implemented within the company and on subsidiaries, franchisees and distributors.
  • Investigation of possible violations (business fraud, corruption, etc.) that could result in liabilities for the company or its directors, conducted by a multidisciplinary team of forensic investigators, employment and tax experts.
  • Act as Compliance Officers or external members of the Supervisory Compliance Committees, assisting in the design of the required measures to ensure the effective supervision and control within the organisation.
  • Design and implementation of training courses for directors, executives, employees and third parties in order to raise awareness and create a culture of compliance within the organisation.
  • Review and updating of the Compliance Programmes in place in the company in order to ensure alignment with new legislation through a comprehensive gap analysis.