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Data Protection and Compliance

We regularly assist with advice concerning corporate compliance such as antitrust, anti-corruption, anti-fraud and data protection.

Data Protection Law

Our pragmatic and commercially aware support on the full range of issues includes advice on:

  • the mechanisms to deal with the transfer of personal data from Europe
  • how to practically implement ethical reporting hotlines and staff monitoring tools, email and internet use
  • how to address the data privacy issues arising from shared service/global IT platform programmes
  • how to comply with the new "cookies" rules
  • the data protection aspects of acquisitions and disposals, joint ventures and other major transactions
  • records retention
  • handling complaints and requests from individuals and regulatory bodies, and providing guidance in the face of investigations and prosecution
  • web based processing of data including use of online behavioural, advertising, cookies and other tools
  • data compliance in the world of cloud computing
  • notifications and permits or approvals of processing activities with the relevant regulatory authorities
  • appropriate wording for contracts with employees, customers and suppliers
  • training on data protection
  • handling staff data on a multi jurisdictional basis and the industrial relations issues which can arise as new data policies, contracts and procedures are introduced.


Our clients are increasingly seeking to grow their business by entering new and developing markets. We can help to make that transition as easy as possible by providing comprehensive advice on the compliance issues that will need to be met. We regularly work on projects to provide advice on anti-corruption compliance and sanction risks, packaging, labelling, website content, contractual provisions and on the application of policies and procedures generally. Our approach is to provide clients with practical and commercial compliance solutions.

Our team has the skills and resources to deal with the practical aspects of an internal investigation such as site visits, large data or document reviews and interviews with key personnel, including any associated HR issues. We also advise clients on key issues such as legal privilege, electronically stored data, data protection and strategic approaches to regulators and enforcement agencies.

Upmost in our mind when assisting a client with any type of investigation is how to minimise our client’s liability. We think strategically and know when it might be the right time to self-report a known breach, seek immunity or leniency or enter into negotiations and provide guidance through what can be a difficult decision making process.