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The development of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to create contractual and other legal challenges, which are in many ways unprecedented. Whilst the outbreak originated in China, its impact is being felt globally. In response, we have coordinated across our offices to ensure that we centralize our know-how and are sharing best practice with our clients. This page contains some of our legal briefings created to date.

Our latest briefings

 29.10.2020: Interface between employment, tax and social security law
     Reimbursement of expenses for employees – What changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic with regard to tax and social security laws? I Read

 21.09.2020: International social security and tax law
     COVID-19 – Cross-border commuters I Read

 09.06.2020: Contract Law, Tenancy Law
     COVID-19: Is there a right to a rent reduction? I Read

 07.05.2020: Immigration Law
     Residence and work permits I Read

 27.04.2020: Corporate Law
     General meetings in times of COVID-19 I Read

 20.04.2020: Insolvency Law and restructurings
     COVID-19 affects debt collection and bankruptcy proceedings I Read

 17.04.2020: Contract Law, Tenancy Law
     COVID-19: Is there a right to a rent reduction? I Read

 02.04.2020: Competition Law
     COVID-19 and Competition Law I Read

 25.03.2020: Employment Law
     Partial unemployment and COVID-19 I Read

 19.03.2020: Contract Law
     Contractual risks in connection with possible performance difficulties as a result of the coronavirus epidemic I Read

 28.02.2020: Employment Law
     Q&A - Potential employment issues related to the COVID-19 under Swiss law I Read


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Eversheds Sutherland is part of Legal Solidarity and provides free support to individuals and small businesses on urgent legal issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For further information, please contact us by e-mail at


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