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Areas of expertise in the industrial sector


In the industrial sector continuously changing national and international regulations on environmental protection steadily pose a big challenge for compliance. These regulations set your corporate guidelines for the future. As our teams are regularly involved in cross-border cooperation, Eversheds Sutherland is able to provide advice which takes into consideration all current developments.


Thank to our specific industrial knowledge, we are familiar with your requirements concerning corporate governance, compliance, corporate social responsibility, risk management and internal monitoring systems. We develop legally efficient and effective concepts and support their implementation in your company. In addition, Eversheds Sutherland offers e-learning tools to enforce compliance in the fields of antitrust law, code of conduct, anti-bribery and ethics.

Awarding law / submissions

Eversheds Sutherland reviews your submission requirements and supports you in choosing a procedure for awarding contracts and in the wording of associated awarding documents on a communal, cantonal, federal and European level. In addition to the review and monitoring of contracts, we also enforce your claims under civil law or conduct appeal procedures concerning submission law.

Contract law

We check and analyse the effectiveness and practical enforceability of your contracts and contractual clauses. We evaluate your litigation risks as well as we draft your contracts and general terms and conditions and delivery terms.

Supply chain, logistics, license, leasing and outsourcing agreements

We advise you in connection with the network of agreements and characteristic of supply chains, taking into account the size, structure and internal processes of your company as well as the entire supply chain. We consider your risk factors which have shown to become legally relevant when obtaining consents or defining the scope of supply, authorisation, license, service or maintenance agreements, distribution agreements, distribution law and franchising. We support you in selecting efficient distribution structures to meet all requirements under antitrust law and drafting all contracts and regulations required for your distribution.


On contract conclusions and general terms and conditions on the Internet we give proficient advice and support you with respect to product liability, unfair competition, product recalls and take-backs in connection with E-commerce.

Product safety

We advise on manufacturing, packaging and product labelling and user manuals, product monitoring, risk prevention and traceability. We support you regarding authority and consumer information, public relations and media activities as well as with respect to possible insurance notifications.

Data protection law

In view of the steadily increasing requirements as regards data protection and safety, we do our utmost to detect possible problems already before the planning of measures: e.g. which risks your data is exposed to at home and abroad or which risks the data itself may entail. This knowledge provides a basis for a legally efficient data protection solution.

Official intervention

We represent and support you on site as regards official orders such as sales prohibitions or storage requirements. We give Labour law advice in connection with specific aspects such as copyright or intellectual property, e.g. in case of research projects in the industrial sector. Also, we take care of the assessment of risk factors when drafting contracts, wording of contractual provisions with the respective legal safeguards.

Corporate law

We give advice on drafting group-internal contracts under corporate law such as management agreements, service level agreements, cost sharing or shareholder commitment provisions.

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