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Compliance approaches

We develop an appropriate approach for your compliance based on a systematic, company-related risk management/audit.

Compliance systems

We implement an effective compliance system in your company, taking into account the requirements of labour and data protection law as well as the relationships with business partners (compliance manual and organisational measures, definition of roles and responsibilities with the involvement of the Board and senior management, etc.).

Compliance management and communications

By request, we take care of your company’s compliance office. We develop a concept for external and internal compliance communications.

Compliance training

We train your employees in compliance and customise Eversheds Sutherland e-learning programmes in the areas of corporate responsibility/ethics, anti-corruption compliance, competition and antitrust law for your company.

Compliance monitoring, audits and assessments

We develop a concept for the continuous monitoring of your compliance requirements, reporting, documentation and verification of your compliance programme. We hold targeted audits and assessments.

Counselling service, whistleblower systems, ombudsman and behavioural guidelines

We establish a counselling service for employees, as well as whistleblower systems and ombudsman in companies. We develop behavioural guidelines for mitigation strategies, especially in regulatory inquiries and investigations, investigation of compliance violations or criminal due diligence.

We particularly consult financial intermediaries in all regulatory and compliance issues.