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Real estate and construction law

Real estate transactions

We advise in your real estate transactions (purchase and sale) as well as in strategic and financing issues. We give legal advice in construction development projects for residential and commercial properties.

Construction regulations

We advise in public construction regulation issues. We negotiate for you with authorities. We draft your construction contracts.


We advise and represent you in all construction related to litigation/arbitration matters.

Tenancy law

We give advice in tenancy law issues and drafting. We negotiate tenancy and lease contracts. We represent you in tenancy procedures, particularly as real estate owner.

Permits (Lex Koller)

We advise you in Lex Koller issues (acquisition of real estate by foreign investors). As a foreigner investing in Switzerland, we take care of your permit and we represent you before authorities.


We advise you in real estate tax issues (gain/transfer tax, VAT, etc.) and we represent you in tax procedures.