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Social security law

Comprehensive legal advice in all social security law matters

We advise pragmatically and efficiently on all social security law matters. In particular:

  • providing cross-border social security and pension advice for businesses and individuals in relation to the regime governing the international coordination of social security systems (regulations EC No. 883/2004; 987/2009 resp. EEC 1408/71 and 574/72)
  • specialising in liability relating to executives, including on succession and in retirement
  • representing clients before both the Cantonal and Federal Authorities as well as in the administrative and social security courts
  • enforcing social security rights (including pension rights) against Old Age and Survivors' Insurance, occupational pensions and private insurances as well as against Disability and Accident Insurance
  • defending or enforcing recourse claims or coordinate them with other social security benefits
  • advising on all data privacy issues

Pensions law in Switzerland

The team

The Swiss pensions team focuses on the structure and contribution side of pension matters. Their work includes international aspects as well as questions about taxation of pension schemes resp. pension benefits. In tax matters, they are regularly supported by the tax team.

The team also specialises in the enforcement of social security rights, including pension rights and insurance matters.

Our work

  • advising on all aspects of compulsory and supplementary social insurance, with a special focus on insurance contribution and employee benefit matters. In most cases, our work includes different jurisdictions where we involve colleagues from our international pension team
  • regularly dealing with cross-border secondments resp. different types of assignments regarding pension arrangement
  • advising businesses on possible hidden corporate pension risks (e.g. IAS19 requiring extensive disclosures in respect of defined benefit plans “DBP”)
  • advising on all pension matters for employees with a special focus on liability of executives

Recent work includes:

  • advising an international corporate regarding an IAS19 matter and audit report
  • structuring of pensions arrangements in an international reorganisation of a multinational issuing new Swiss employment contracts
  • advising a US corporation on pension matters with cross-border staff leasing