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International operations

Whatever your position, Eversheds Sutherland is a truly great place to work. You might think that the firm is all about its lawyers. True, they have a crucial role to play. But Eversheds Sutherland is very much a team effort. Half the people who work here are in our international operations team. They make the difference in terms of enabling our lawyers to deliver excellence, ensuring we have the right people working here, promoting our expertise, developing the right systems and driving the process of innovation you would expect to find in a 21st century law firm.

Risk and Compliance

With the significant changes affecting the legal profession, Eversheds is showing the way ahead in developing innovative compliance and risk management practices and procedures. In fact, we now have one of the most structured and focused Risk and Compliance teams in the industry – and the work we do is correspondingly challenging and diverse.

We keep Eversheds Sutherland up to date on legal and best practice developments, of course. But we also design and develop effective policies and procedures, respond to changing client expectations, ensure compliance with new legislative and regulatory requirements, and look at all issues that affect reputational risk.

Quite simply, our team - increasingly international in reach and impact - is successfully creating a robust framework for managing risk across all parts of our business. This has created an exceptional career environment for lawyers with a real desire and commitment to working in Risk and Compliance. You will do more than just identify risks and implement policy, vital though that is. We are looking for people who can think independently, engage with colleagues at all levels and help us integrate risk management processes into the firm’s culture.

Do you have the required interpersonal and team skills? The courage to challenge convention when necessary? The credibility to influence strategic decisions as part of an innovative and commercially-focused team? Then our environment will play to your strengths and give you the opportunity and resources to shape our performance in this critical area of our business.


Effective marketing is more than a goal at Eversheds Sutherland. It is fundamental to everything we do – from communicating with our clients and articulating our values to driving our business growth and engaging with the people who work for us.

So what makes us different to most professional service firms? Simply this: where most firms have generic marketing functions, we have developed a diverse team of specialists who have the expertise and experience to develop and implement the most appropriate marketing solutions for our marketplace. Join us and you will find key account managers, pitch managers, business analysts, designers, new business teams, event specialists, corporate and internal communications advisers, and web and social media experts. Working together, they ensure Eversheds Sutherland's brand penetrates and maintains a strong presence in our target geographical markets and sectors, and that prospects become clients, and clients become key accounts in the shortest possible time.

The result is a diverse and intellectually stimulating environment where creative thinking goes hand in hand with the practical delivery of ideas and strategies. The people you work with will – like you – be commercially astute. They will also be willing to challenge norms and keen to learn from each other’s experience. Add to that the excitement of dealing with some of the world’s top business names on behalf of some of the world’s top lawyers, and you will realise why there has never been a better time to join our international team.


As a leading international law firm, Eversheds Sutherland draws on the skills of a diverse but highly integrated team of specialist finance professionals. In fact, finance is much more than a conventional support function at Eversheds Sutherland. Working closely with the business at all levels, our professionals are helping to drive the firm's operational and strategic performance in a rapidly changing and increasingly international environment.

We engage in all aspects of financial operations and commercial accounting, as you'd expect. But we are also involved in providing partner services, conducting internal audits, delivering effective financial reporting and control, developing pricing strategies, managing key accounts and generating robust forecasts. You will also find members of our team managing major investment projects and generating new and better ways of adding value to the wider business in the UK and internationally.

The result? A rewarding career environment that is entrepreneurial, innovative and always intellectually stimulating. We value high performance and agility of mind. We encourage you to use your initiative and pursue continuous improvement in everything you do. And to support that objective, we have designed a training and professional development framework that will help you grow at every stage of your career.

So don't expect to stand still for long. You will take on new challenges and new areas of responsibility as the firm evolves. And with our expanding international reach, you are likely to have opportunities to gain experience across multiple countries and cultures. If you have the technical and personal skills to deliver results – and want to contribute to finance transformation in the professional services arena – then it's time to discover more about joining Eversheds Sutherland.

Information Technology

Eversheds Sutherland draws on some of the most advanced information technology in the industry to support our business, our brand and our people. Our IT team has a local presence in all UK Eversheds Sutherland offices and a growing international footprint including Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and the Middle East.

With a reputation for embracing new technologies and cutting-edge client solutions, our work covers a wide range of specialist areas. These include service delivery, infrastructure, application delivery and support, eBusiness, programme management and IT business administration. We also liaise closely with outsourced providers who provide comprehensive service desk support along with the hosted services of our data centre.

We do more than provide the highest level of support to Eversheds Sutherland employees. In addition to maintaining back-office functionality, we increasingly provide more of a consultative service to the business - responding to new requirements, exploring the potential of emerging technologies and ensuring that our IT activities are fully aligned with the strategic goals of the firm. As a result, our team engages with practically every area of the business across multiple regions.

As you might expect, we invest heavily in the ongoing training and development of everyone on our team. But this is an environment where attitude matters as much as technical expertise. We look for people who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about IT, of course - but you must also be prepared to roll up your sleeves, dig in to problems and continuously develop your skills as our business grows, evolves and becomes more commercial. Demonstrate these qualities and you will quickly make your mark as part of a team with a track record for innovation.

Human Resources

The law is a people business and our HR team is committed to making sure that Eversheds Sutherland has the best people, working at the peak of their ability in a challenging and fulfilling environment. This involves nurturing talent and actively guiding the careers of everyone who works here. But it also involves generating and maintaining a performance culture - one that recognises individual achievement, encourages initiative and promotes the innovation and continuous improvement we need to maintain our success as a 21st century law firm.

To support these goals, our HR team has developed an integrated training framework based on a clear understanding of the skill sets needed to excel in our different legal and business areas. Each practice group has its own accredited diploma designed to equip its teams with the right technical skills. In addition to conducting face to face career development sessions with individuals, our HR team provides interventions including induction programmes, coaching, development centres and a Career Pathways scheme designed specifically for our non-lawyers.

Working as part of a professional team you'll achieve personal satisfaction by using your skills to the full, getting involved right across the spectrum of HR activity, making a real difference to our business. You will also belong to a truly international HR function that offers you tremendous scope for development. There's always something interesting going on for you to get your teeth into and for talented, ambitious HR practitioners there's no better place to be working in the law at the moment.