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Learning and Development

Choose Eversheds Sutherland and you join a business on an exhilarating journey to cement its position as one of the leading international law firms. Combined with the hugely varied national and international opportunities available, your experience here will, inevitably, be stimulating and enriching. You'll be given the opportunity to really use your talents and build a career, not just fill a role. We'll give you development opportunities, clear career paths and regular assessment so you can judge your progress.

Your attitude matters

We believe that most people are capable of learning new skills. It's far more difficult to change someone's attitude. If you've got the right outlook that fits in with our philosophy, we'll ensure you get the training you need to advance in other areas. Our learning and development policies are based on our belief in continuous improvement, whatever your position. Your career won't go stagnant at Eversheds Sutherland if you really have the motivation to grow.

Support from the start

Your Eversheds Sutherland experience will begin with a comprehensive programme to ensure that you settle in as quickly as possible. Our induction introduces you to the firm's vision and values, what we do and how we do it, in particular how we look after our clients and deliver our services. During your first few weeks we'll ensure you've got the tools you need to help you get to grips with your new role.

Learning from feedback

We believe that feedback is one of the best ways of helping you to develop your skills. We have a structured performance and development review process that involves continuous coaching and the chance to regularly review your performance. Each of us (even our Chief Executive) has an annual personal development review. It's an opportunity for you and your manager to have an open, constructive discussion about how you are getting on in your current job and your future aspirations. It is also used to set personal business-related objectives (often challenging!) for the year ahead and to identify your learning and development needs.

Developing you

Learning and work go hand in hand at Eversheds Sutherland. We don't want you sitting in a corner all day watching the clock tick by. We want you to ask questions, make suggestions, explore options and review your progress. You and your manager will discuss how you can make every day a day to develop.

We have a Career Pathways scheme designed specifically for our non-lawyers. You can explore how Eversheds Sutherland can support you in your career aspirations, perhaps with help from further education or a career loan. Legal advisers benefit from development centres - an integral part of our promotion process.

Stretch yourself

And there's more. We're committed to ensuring that everyone at Eversheds Sutherland has the chance to maximise their potential. We offer a comprehensive programme of specialised technical training, skills-based modules, management development programmes, courses, conferences and away days.

There's plenty of opportunity to stretch yourself and contribute to our business.

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